Upskill your career with a fintech certification online

Upskill your career with a fintech certification online | General | Emeritus

By Mowna Ravikumar

The integration of finance and technology, such as big data analysis, artificial intelligence and blockchain, is revolutionizing every business creating new economic regulatory frameworks. While Fintech is designed to offer more inclusive access to financial services, its inevitable impact has consequently formed the need for consumer protection and financial stability. The Executive Programme in Fintech, Banking & Applied Risk Management from Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow, provides an overview and working knowledge of risk governance and long-term value creation in the light of these digital disruptions and new regulations.

Whether you are a manager working in banking and financial institutions, aspiring for a leadership role, business leader keen to gain a deeper understanding of risk governance, risk management consultant handling financial projects and clients, entrepreneur, or aspiring for a career as a finance professional, joining a Fintech course online will help you establish a game plan for yourself as well as your company in this globally thriving domain.

Harnessing innovation in Fintech is like identifying and using tools to anticipate and participate in breakthroughs in a consumer digital franchise. Interactive live online sessions conducted by IIM Lucknow faculty and international expert practitioners will not only support your career with accelerated learning concepts but also expand your professional network with leaders and change-makers in the finance sector. To stand out with cutting-edge insight in this fast-growing space that is redefining global finance will surely set you up for a rewarding experience in your career in Fintech.

With Fintech in focus, on-campus immersions and online finance courses have been acting as a major source to curate learning modules which will allow you to understand the changing dynamics of corporate, mid-corporate, retail segments and relate its risk management practices creating a positive portfolio of assets.

Peripheral qualifications will go a long way in any work environment. Especially because emerging financial technologies will continue to transform and automate conventional services to perform simple, user-friendly, and faster financial transactions. So, don’t only invest in skills that you can put to immediate use. Work on building a reputation of a life-long learner which will up-skill your personal commitment and land you next opportunities for your career in the Fintech sector.

With the majority of banks supporting fintech companies, gaining knowledge and a certificate from one of India’s best business schools, on how risk management will evolve in this innovative environment will allow you to lucratively adapt financial technologies and extract value for your organization. It will also help you become industry ready as you learn from real-world business applications, industry case studies to gain a global financial outlook.

The ability to critically assess the future of the financial services industry will enable you to navigate and weave new systems, business strategies, value propositions, digital capabilities and processes to scale and strengthen your market position.

If you are looking to join the wave of change underway in Fintech, you are only a step away from new possibilities. Fintech courses online will not only offer experiential and peer-to-peer learning but will also ensure you build knowledge, imbibe the skills and align with recruiter’s needs to easily tap a successful career in the Fintech ecosystem.

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