Course Preview: ESG Investing (Online) at Columbia Business School

24 November 2022

[Video Transcript] ESG Investing (Online) at Columbia Business School

The objective of this course is to give the participant a critical appreciation, both from a theoretical and a practical standpoint of the ESG investing space. So we start with a discussion of stakeholder capitalism, the institutional details behind various ESG standard-setting agencies, and ESG ratings. We put a deep dive into Tesla as a case study to understand its financial sustainability and its ESG characteristics. We then have a focused look at climate risk, both the definitions of climate risk and how might measurement look, and how funds incorporate climate risk into their portfolio management decisions. In particular and broadly, and other ESG parameters in general. And we look at the future of ESG investing, dubbed ESG investing 2.0. So I've been actively researching and writing about this area for about five years now. I think this is perhaps the biggest innovation in the investing landscape in a while. The content is rich and deeply informative.

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It touches on all kinds of topics and issues including accounting, finance, economics, ethics, law, and social development. And joining us in this quest is Aniket Shah, our guest speaker Aniket is the head of sustainability and ESG research at Jeffries, which is a prominent investment bank in New York. So I think it's a very thoughtful individual, and along the way, he gives us interesting commentary from the field on how this area is rapidly evolving. So in Columbia, we are big believers in this idea of theory meets practice. So Aniket's insights combined with the detailed classwork that you do with me, hopefully, will equip you to become a far more effective ESG investor.

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