Course Preview : Fundamentals of Software Engineering at Carnegie

22 November 2022

[Video Transcript] Fundamentals of Software Engineering at Carnegie

Software engineering encompasses more than just the act of writing code, it is concerned with all the tools and processes an organization uses to develop and maintain software systems over time. We've designed this program to transform you from a programmer to a software engineer, and prepare you to contribute to a software project from start to finish.

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The program is composed of 10 modules. Over the course of 10 weeks, we will cover a wide range of topics at different stages of the software engineering lifecycle. You will practice the key tasks of software engineering, such as gathering requirements, inspecting the existing codebase, and contributing a new feature to an open-source project. You'll also learn to manage non-technical factors to make decisions and mitigate risks for software projects. Throughout the program, you'll find activities and assessments that allow you to both practice key concepts and apply the methods covered in the lectures. There's one graded assignment in each module. You are required to complete 6 out of 10 graded assignments to receive the certificate of completion. You will also complete a capstone project that allows you to contribute to a microblog application.

As you move through the program, remember, you're part of a global cohort from a wide variety of cultural and professional backgrounds. We really hope that you'll use this opportunity to compare notes and network with your many colleagues. This program includes 24-hour support for any kind of technical issue through program support. There are also experienced learning facilitators who will respond to any content inquiries you have to further your learning. These resources are available for your benefit, so please take advantage of them if you think you need help. We hope you're ready to go, so let's get started.

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