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Postgraduate Diploma in General Management

Career services

Career Workshop

Each student’s development needs are unique. We understand this. While you are a part of a student cohort and learn collectively, we have tailored several learning elements to focus on “you” and “your aspirations”.

Our Career Services module is designed to help you broaden and accelerate your career.

8 Steps to Accelerate Your Career

  • Career Goals & Current Career Status | Live Q&A and Debrief Session | Creating Personas Based on Self-Scored Assessment | Webinars Customized Around Cohort Personas
  • Detailed Guidance on Job Search | Time Management Strategy & Prioritizing Job Search Activities | Defining the Job Search Target | Refining Job Search Based on Individual Career Situations | Real time Job Search Troubleshooting to Tackle Various Issues
  • Marketing Tools Essential for Job Search | Self-marketing Strategies for Career Change or Cross-cultural Search | Personal Branding Tools and Processes
  • Traditional Job Search | Decoding Job Descriptions & Tweaking Your Approach | Understanding & Dealing with External & Internal Recruiters | Building a Working Relationship with the Recruiters
  • Networking into the Hidden Job Market | Reconnecting with Existing Networks & Reaching Out to New Contacts | 4-step Networking Process to Convert Connections to Leads
  • Types of Interviews & Interview Questions | Executive-level Interviews and Criteria for Success | Case Studies to Understand the Process, Preparation and Performance in Interviews
  • Dealing with Negotiation Process | Tackling Negotiation Issues – Complex Offer Structures, Compensation Variability & Key Non-compensation Items | Case Studies - Understand & Navigate Offer and Career-related negotiations
  • One-to-one Confidential Q&A | Laser Coaching for Each Cohort Member | In-depth discussion – Job Search, Career Change, Career Advancement etc

Hiring Partners

To help you with your career journey, we have empaneled an esteemed list of hiring partners that work across multiple sectors and industries. As you work towards completion of your program, our career services team will work with you to share your profiles and resumes with our hiring partners.

This will give you an opportunity to be identified as a potential candidate for current openings across companies. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to meet and network with our hiring partners during career events hosted by the EMERITUS Career Services team.

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