The 5 Best Skills to Put in a Resume in 2023

The 5 Best Skills to Put in a Resume in 2023 | Career | Emeritus

Each organization meets numerous capable candidates for a particular role through applications and interviews. An indispensable part of this hiring process is the resume. Resumes are concise representations of your academic and professional experience. Showcasing your best skills on your resume can help you make your mark. However, it is crucial to remain updated about the hard and soft skills in demand. Here is a list of the best skills to put in a resume to help you land the job you want.

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The Best Skills to Put in a Resume

What is SQL1. Computer Literacy/Technical Expertise

The digital age runs on computers and software. All jobs, especially in a hybrid work environment, require a computer. Thus computing skills are essential to put on your resume. Regardless of the role, some computing skills are a near-necessity today. These skills form the foundation of all computing functions across various roles. Microsoft Office, presentation software and skills, social media, and the knowledge of simple graphic design tools are some of the basic skills to develop. While not all roles require advanced knowledge of all computer skills, depending on the position, a certain skill set in computing, accounting, coding, or designing may be necessary. 

Pro Tip: It is a given that you are computer literate. So, mention only your special skills like advanced Microsoft excel skills, Photoshop, WordPress etc. 

2. Transferable Skills

Transferable skills are some of the best skills to put in a resume at any level of expertise. A role or position does not limit the value of such skills. You can carry these skills across positions, jobs, and industries. Transferable skills can be the difference between doing your job and doing it well. For example, communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking are in-demand industry-agnostic transferable skills. Identify your transferable skills and highlight them to your employer at every job interview. You might want to read the career switch journey of Emeritus learner Pete Chu, who used his transferable skills to land a coveted internship in Forbes

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3. Office Suites Skills

Like computing skills, knowledge of office suites like G-Suites or Microsoft are crucial to any role across industries. These skills offer simple, easy-to-access solutions for creating and maintaining records, documents, communications, and more. In many cases, these skills are not always expected to be mentioned in a resume. Instead, it is assumed that the applicant can use these skills expertly and regularly. However, depending on your role, it is crucial to expand your skillset within the Office Suites skills. For example, jobs requiring expertise in design and presentation may expect you to be proficient in Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides. Similarly, an accounting role may expect you to be well-versed in using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Thus, one must emphasize this as one of the best skills to put in a resume. 

what-is-a-scrum-master4. Project Management

Management skills are in demand across various roles, businesses, and industries. Project management skills are a combination of hard skills and soft skills. As a result, it is one of the best skills to put in your resume, regardless of the position. Project management skills allow greater efficiency and organization at an individual and collaborative level. Although project management requires a combination of skills, it is also very easy to learn. Books, courses, and project management tools can help you gain expertise in project management. 

Pro Tip: If you have experience with using project management tools like Wrike or Jira, it definitely merits a mention in your resume. 

5. Adaptability

In a changing world where technology and digital spaces are constantly transforming; adaptability is a skill for the times. Adaptability covers the required skills to alter and adjust your behavior based on a situation that may present itself. It facilitates decision-making that best suits any changes, challenges, obstacles, or new environments in the workplace. With technology evolving at an unprecedented speed, software and tools used regularly are also being updated swiftly. Therefore, it is crucial for employees to quickly adapt to and make the most of all newly available resources. In addition, adaptability prepares you to thoughtfully face new people, systems, and cultures at any organization. 

Pro Tip: Adaptability will be interpreted differently for varied fields. For instance, if you are a content creator, you can add that you are open to adapting your writing style to long form, short form, or video formats. 

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Both hard and soft skills are equally important when applying for a job. Organizations require individuals who are well-prepared and qualified. These are some of the best skills to put in a resume to ensure that your introduction to an organization through your resume is impactful. Another great way to strengthen your resume is by learning new skills. Check out our skill-enhancing portfolio of courses here.

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