7 Strategies to Create Good LinkedIn Headlines and Stand Out

7 Strategies to Create Good LinkedIn Headlines and Stand Out | Career | Emeritus

With over 900 million members and over 58 million listed companies, LinkedIn has become the ultimate platform for professionals to network and showcase their skills and experience. According to LinkedIn, over 49 million people use the platform to search for jobs every week, and about 90 job applications are submitted every second. Given this large and impactful audience, leveraging the power of LinkedIn’s various features is critical for professionals looking to advance their careers. One such feature is your profile headline highlighting your skills and achievements. Good LinkedIn headlines create a lasting first impression, attract attention, and open new career opportunities. If you are wondering how to craft good LinkedIn headlines, here are some strategies to help you create one that stands out from the crowd.

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What is a LinkedIn Headline?

The LinkedIn headline is a brief introduction or tagline—limited to 220 characters—that appears at the top of your profile page under your name. It is a professional summary displayed alongside your name in search results. It is the first thing people read when they come across your profile. Good Linkedin headlines provide a valuable opportunity to showcase your skills and capabilities and stand out in a crowded job market. 

Strategies for Good LinkedIn Headlines

1. Highlight Your Unique Value Proposition 

Your unique value proposition refers to your distinctive skills, achievements, and qualities that set you apart. Identifying and highlighting your unique value can greatly enhance your professional brand, set you apart from the competition, pique interest, and encourage others to learn more about you. You can communicate your unique value proposition through your LinkedIn headline by clearly describing your abilities and how you can benefit others. For example: “I help companies grow their online presence by creating engaging content and executing effective marketing strategies.” Or, “I specialize in helping organizations optimize their financial performance and increase revenue through data-driven solutions.” 

career-in-social-media2. Write an Elevator Pitch

Good LinkedIn headlines are like an elevator pitch—brief and memorable introductions that showcase your core skills, experience, and expertise to boost connections and opportunities. Such headlines are memorable and concise and can significantly impact those viewing your profile. Narrow down your professional identity to just a few key points to create a powerful, engaging headline that draws attention and encourages people to learn more about you. For example: “Award-winning graphic designer specializing in branding and digital marketing.” Or “Experienced project manager skilled in delivering complex initiatives on time and budget.”

3. Talk About Others 

Rather than simply highlighting your skills and expertise, you can shift the focus of your headline to how you can provide value to others and meet their specific needs. This is a highly effective way to communicate how you provide value through your skills and expertise to support others. Frame your headline in a way that speaks directly to the needs and goals of your target audience and showcase your ability to provide value and help others achieve their objectives. For example: “Marketing expert empowering businesses to grow through data-driven strategies.” Another example is: “Experienced coach empowering individuals to reach their full potential.”

4. Show Your Personality 

Showcase your personality and make an impactful first impression on potential employers or business partners by creating a creative and personal headline. One effective way to differentiate yourself from other professionals on the platform is to inject humor or lightheartedness into your headline while conveying your professional expertise. For example: “Marketing maestro with a sense of humor,” or “Social media guru and meme enthusiast.” Such headlines are a great way to demonstrate your expertise while providing a glimpse into your personality. However, make sure to strike a balance between being friendly and professional. After all, you want to make a memorable impression but don’t want to appear unprofessional.

What is a Business Intelligence Analyst5. Ask Rhetorical Questions

Ask a question in your LinkedIn headline related to your area of expertise or your services. Such headlines can create a sense of engagement and position you as a solution to others’ needs. Write a question that aligns with your skills and expertise and communicates the value you bring to the table. For example: “Want to know why your email subscribers are not growing?” or “Need help growing your business to the next level?” This highlights your skills and creates an opportunity for conversation and engagement with potential clients. 

6. Align with Your Company’s Brand 

Business owners and professionals in key roles can also connect their brand with their organization in their LinkedIn headlines. A creative way to achieve this is by incorporating your position at the company and aligning it with its values or goals. This showcases your skills and expertise and positions you as a valuable team member committed to company goals and values. For example: “Senior developer at ABC Corp. Building solutions that transform businesses,” or “Manager at ABC Hotel. Delivering unforgettable guest experiences.” 

7. Emphasize Your Achievements 

Include specific accomplishments and capabilities in your headline to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your value. This conveys your skills and expertise and helps establish your credibility as a professional to potential employers or clients. Keep your headline concise and impactful, and use strong action verbs and numbers to convey your success and ability to deliver results. For example: “Innovative sales executive with 10+ years of experience in driving revenue growth” or “Top-performing sales manager with $12M in revenue.”

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Some Additional Tips to Remember

  • Use the right keywords to boost your visibility 
  • Avoid cliché buzzwords such as strategic, passionate, and team player
  • Illustrate your accomplishments and selling proposition  
  • Use action words, numbers, and statistics to demonstrate your expertise
  • Project confidence in your abilities 
  • Be creative and authentic 
  • Keep your headline short and to the point

Good LinkedIn headlines distinguish between being overlooked and standing out in a crowd. Follow the tips and strategies outlined above to craft good LinkedIn headlines that effectively communicate your professional identity and help you achieve your career goals. Lastly, your headline should reflect who you are as a professional. Do not exaggerate; be authentic. If you want to enhance your skills and marketability as a professional, check out these courses Emeritus offers and boost your profile. 

By Krati Joshi

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