How Lucrative are Data Architect Salary Packages in 2023

How Lucrative are Data Architect Salary Packages in 2023 | Data Science and Analytics | Emeritus

Data architects design the framework on which cloud-based companies run. This framework involves the end-to-end processing of information relevant to businesses and the streamlining of the processes of data collection, transformation, storage, distribution, analysis, and final usage. Since this kind of business will continue to grow in the foreseeable future, there will be a 9 percent rise in data architect jobs through the decade of 2021 to 2031, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Data architect salary packages reflect their significance in the current economy. Let’s find out everything about the job and what it takes to become a data architect.

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Are Data Architects in Demand and Why?

As already mentioned, there is a growing demand for data architects because they direct businesses on how to bridge the gap between technology and market intelligence. An indicator of this demand is the demand for big data since data architects build and design gigantic databases from scratch. Data architects ease the complexity surrounding data processing. End-to-end data management procedures involve comprehensive data investigation and capture, seamless integration with other kinds of data, strong analytics, and holistic visualization. 

The rise in demand for this role is primarily due to the following key benefits they bring to organizations:

  • Alignment of data strategy with other broader company strategies
  • Fostering communication among stakeholders 
  • Streamlining operations and information flows

Average Data Architect Salary

According to Glassdoor, a data architect makes an average annual income of $1,27,090 in the U.S. 

Average Data Architect Salary Range Based on Knowledge and Experience

The basic structure of data demands constant surveillance and maintenance, leading to a hierarchy of data architects who handle complexities at different levels. It starts with the post of an associate data architect or warehouse architect. After a couple of years of data warehouse management, they garner enough experience to deal directly with client needs and become eligible for the role of a lead data architect. After the development of strong business instincts and over six years of working as a lead data architect, they get promoted to the designation of a principal data architect. Let’s learn more about these posts:

Data Warehouse Architect

The primary task of data warehouse architects involves streamlining plans for clients. Also, they work on creating a broad structural framework of data within a specific architectural plan that suits the needs of their clients. 

Experience: A bachelor’s degree in information technology or electronics engineering is needed to start as a data warehouse architect. Practical experience of around two years as a software developer, database administrator, or solutions architect is recommended.

The annual salary of a data warehouse architect ranges from $117,413 to $172,500 in the U.S.

Lead Data Architect

A couple of notches higher than the warehouse architect, a lead data architect oversees the underlying connectivity. They also handle the maintenance of data warehouses and the programming of scripts for integration and analysis. Apart from this, they maintain data pipelines for real-time integration.

Experience: Apart from a bachelor’s degree in any of the earlier mentioned technical fields, a lead data architect must acquire a mix of leadership skills, programming skills, and deep knowledge of data ecosystems.

The lead data architect’s salary ranges from $115,000 to $185,000 in the U.S.

Principal Data Architect

As the title suggests, it is one of the most experienced portfolios in this domain. They have a combination of expertise on both business and technical fronts as well as design practice. Armed with a working knowledge of cloud data systems, they act as liaisons between data governance, data quality, and data architecture. 

Experience: A minimum of six years experience in network administration for both hardware and software domains, apart from expertise in data management, application design, technology architecture, and seamless integration of cloud-based and on-premise data warehouses. 

The principal data architect’s salary ranges between $129,860 to $166,502 in the U.S.

What is the Highest Salary for a Data Architect in the US and Other Countries?

According to, the highest-paid data architects can earn around $180,000 annually. Here’s a list of the highest-paid salaries of data architects in different countries:

  • United Kingdom – $80,832 per year
  • India – $26,122 per year
  • Australia – $90,921 per year 
  • France – $74,519 per year
  • Spain – $52,814 per year
  • Canada – $82,293 per year

Note: All salaries are taken from Salary Expert and Glassdoor.

Learn with Emeritus

There is a clear optimism regarding job growth in the data architecture sector, given the unstinting rise of data-driven business culture. If you are inclined to sharpen your skills in this regard and make the most of the lucrative data architect salary market, then explore the comprehensive courses on data sciences at Emeritus. 

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