How Much do Email Marketers Make? A Comprehensive Guide

How Much do Email Marketers Make? A Comprehensive Guide | Digital Marketing | Emeritus

Email marketing is a powerful form of digital marketing that creates brand awareness, generates leads, and drives traffic, among many other things. Unlike social media marketing, where the content can be scrolled down and forgotten, the email stays in your customer’s inbox until they read it, archive it, or delete it. Given the vital role of email marketing, email marketer jobs have become highly sought-after, with businesses now heavily focusing on digital marketing. This comprehensive guide discusses everything you need to know about email marketing, the roles, and responsibilities that come with the job, and the email marketer salary bracket based on industry, qualification, specialization, and companies. 

Email Marketer Salary

Roles and Responsibilities of an Email Marketer 

  • Creating and monitoring email marketing campaigns 
  • Compiling, managing, and purging email lists  
  • Designing, writing, and proofreading emails  
  • Identifying new email marketing strategies and best practices
  • Optimizing campaign performance 
  • Handling email automation 
  • Ensuring the email design and layouts are mobile optimized 
  • Collaborating with marketing managers, designers, and writers
  • Executing and implementing A/B testing to improve email marketing 
  • Monitoring and analyzing email campaigns
  • Assisting with additional digital marketing efforts
  • Reporting campaign performance and audience insights to the marketing team and stakeholders 

Entry-Level Email Marketer Salary

Email marketers can earn decent wages from the very start of their careers. According to, the average annual salary for an entry-level email marketing specialist in the U.S. is $50,700.

Email Marketer Salary by Industry

Email Marketer Salary by Industry

Email marketing is a valuable resource for any business. The salary of an email marketer depends on the role and requirements of a particular industry. These industries span the spectrum and include e-commerce, marketing, advertising, education and training, games, government, health and fitness, entertainment and events, and media and publishing. Here is an overview of the email marketer salary bracket by the industry as per

Top-Paying Email Marketer Industries  Average Salary 
Retail $61,272
Internet  $57,833
Media $56,580
Technology  $54,910

Email Marketer Salary by Experience

Knowledge and experience make a significant difference in salary variation. With sufficient experience, email marketers can move to senior roles and enjoy outstanding salary benefits. According to, the average annual salary in the U.S. for experienced email marketers is $80,988. 

Email Marketer Salary by Qualification

Email marketer salary packages vary widely depending on knowledge and skill. Mastering the following skills sets you apart from the competition and makes you eligible for lucrative job opportunities.

Email Marketer Qualification

  • Expertise in email marketing metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, conversion rates, revenue rates, and spam rates  
  • Excellent written communication skills for effective copywriting 
  • Knowledge of email marketing software platforms and email marketing tools
  • Expert data analysis skills 
  • Knowledge of email designing 

It is important to frequently update your skills as the field of email marketing is continually evolving. Email marketing professionals can significantly benefit from online courses that equip them with the knowledge and credentials necessary to advance their careers. If you are looking to upskill, check out the wide range of online digital marketing courses offered by Emeritus. 

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Email Marketer Salary by Specialization

Email Marketer Salary by Specialization

Here is an overview of the career paths you can consider with a background in email marketing. 

1. Email Marketing Specialist 

Email marketing specialists design email campaigns and create email lists and leads through written communication. 

Range: $50,700–$80,988

Average: $61,478

2. CRM Manager  

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) managers build systems and strategies that enhance, manage, and improve business relationships. 

Range:$850,83- $151,024  

Average: $112,698

3. Digital Marketing Manager  

Digital marketing managers are responsible for maintaining a brand’s online presence and sales by working on various marketing campaigns.

Range: $63,182–$112,807

Average: $80,000

4. Chief Marketing Officer 

Chief marketing officers oversee the planning, development, and execution of a company’s marketing and advertising endeavors.

Range: $104,104–$212,349 

Average: $150,000

5. Email Marketing Manager  

Email marketing managers plan, create, implement, and optimize end-to-end email marketing campaigns.

Range: $68,399–$110,303 

Average: $80,998

(The above salary figures are from

Best-Paying Countries for Email Marketers

Geographical location plays a vital role in determining earnings as salaries depend on the demand for work and the cost of living. Here’s a comparison of the average annual email marketer salary from different countries, according to Glassdoor:

Location Average Annual Salary 
U.S.A.  $58,883
U.K.  $43,717
Australia  $52,613
France  $36,338
Germany  $48,138
Canada  $48,348

Top Companies Hiring an Email Marketer

Here are some of the highest-paying U.S. companies for email marketers according to  

Top-Paying Companies  Average Annual Salary 
DISYS  $123,694
Amazon $106,854
Publicis Sapient  $105,204
FedEx $83,443
Compunnel Inc. $77,048
PNC Financial Services Group $73,248

Learning Email Marketing, the Emeritus Way

This email marketer salary guide highlights the importance of constantly learning new skills and tools to keep up with current and future needs of the industry. Whether you are a beginner or looking to advance your career prospects, a well-structured online program can help you master the skills needed to become a pro in this digital marketing segment. Explore the diverse range of digital marketing courses offered by Emeritus and taught by experts from the world’s best universities and prepare to make a mark in this space.  

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