Wondering What the Best Paying Jobs in Technology are? Here is the List!

Wondering What the Best Paying Jobs in Technology are? Here is the List! | Technology | Emeritus

The 2020s have been great markers of change. Technology helped the world navigate these unprecedented changes. During these times, every aspect of life: work, education, entertainment, and communication, relied more on technology than ever before. As we transitioned to online platforms and tools, the need to keep up with technology only got stronger. The tech industry stepped up to the challenge, overcoming the pandemic’s constraints to deliver across the globe. As a result, technology roles have grown, and the best paying jobs in technology have come to the fore.

A career in technology offers a range of opportunities based on your interest, education, and experience, which can help you narrow down the jobs for you. To help you make a more informed decision about a tech career, here is a list of the best paying jobs in technology. Additionally, all of the following roles are open to entry-level applicants too. Thus you can start your career at some of the best paying jobs in technology with just a graduate degree and an apt skillset. 

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The Six Best Paying Jobs in Technology

1. Cybersecurity Manager

A digital footprint can expose businesses to many vulnerabilities. A cybersecurity manager is responsible for the protection of company data and networks. A cybersecurity manager’s critical tasks are identifying potential threats, implementing security frameworks, and investigating any breaches. 

Educational Qualifications: A Bachelor’s degree in an Information Technology (IT)-related field is the minimum requirement for cybersecurity jobs. A master’s degree can further help professionals with career growth.

Salary Range: US $102,600 per year

Future Scope: In the US alone, the growth of jobs in developmental operations is estimated at 35% between 2021-2031.

Certificate courses are a prominent route to some of the best paying jobs as a cybersecurity manager. Check out the best technology courses here.

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2. Data Scientist

A data scientist is responsible for cleaning, processing, and sorting data to assist a company’s decision-making. They are data experts who analyze data and extract meaningful information. Further, they offer actionable insights to the various teams in an organization based on their data analysis. As the amount of data generated grows exponentially, this is a crucial job in technology with ample prospects in the present and future.

Educational Qualifications: A Bachelor’s degree in data science, computer science, or a related field is necessary for an entry-level position. However, upskilling with changing trends and technologies is crucial for a career in data science.

Salary Range: US $100,910 per year

Future Scope: Opportunities for data scientists will grow by 36% between 2021-2031, according to BLS. Explore more about starting your career in data science here.

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3. Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs and tools that assist with real-time problems benefit organizations. As a result, AI is a crucial career prospect in the digital and tech industries with a scope that is only expanding. For example, in 2021, LinkedIn announced that it is one of the fastest-growing jobs boasting a strong demand for professionals in the field.

Educational Qualifications: A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or software engineering are some fields that can help an AI engineer. Additionally, the knowledge of programming, machine learning, data science, and languages like Python, C++, and Java can enhance a career in AI engineering.

Salary Range: US $1,20,333 per year

Future Scope: With the demand for AI growing across industries, job prospects in the artificial intelligence field are expected to grow expansively. With online artificial intelligence courses, kickstarting a career in artificial intelligence and machine learning is now made easy.

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4. Project Manager

With the scope for technological disruption only widening, so is the demand for project managers. A project manager tackles a host of responsibilities like strategizing, coordinating with stakeholders, allocating resources, and leading projects for an organization. In addition, they determine the best approach and execution for a project. Juggling multiple responsibilities simultaneously is a non-negotiable skill for a project manager.

Educational Qualifications: A Bachelor’s degree in business administration or project management are two key ways to start a career as a project manager. However, behavior and soft skills are crucial to the success of a project manager.

Salary Range: US $159,010 per year

Future Scope: Almost all industries are looking for project managers to ensure the smooth execution of their services. Securing some of the best paying jobs in technology in a lucrative field like project management is now easy with online project management courses

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5. Digital Marketer

With digital spaces seamlessly integrating into our daily lives, their use as marketing avenues is not surprising. Digital marketers are at the forefront of creating awareness and engagement with their brands. Their chief concern is reaching wider audiences and ideating the means to do so. In addition, they are responsible for strategizing, generating leads, maximizing traffic, and keeping an eye on changing digital trends.

Educational Qualifications: A bachelor’s degree combined with the necessary skills and foundational knowledge of digital aspects like SEO/SEM, data analysis, CRM, and others can help you kickstart a career as a digital marketer.

Salary Range: US $1,30,391 per year

Future Scope: A business not aiming to create or enhance a digital presence is hard to find. Thus opportunities for a digital marketer are available across industries and in a variety of roles. To take the first steps in your career in digital marketing, explore these digital marketing courses.

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6. Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developers use blockchain concepts to program, design, build and maintain blockchain architectures and software. A fast-paced job, blockchain development is primarily required for smart contracts and banking. However, its demand seems to be consistently growing, with a valuation of US 5.92 billion in 2021.

Educational Qualifications: A bachelor’s degree in information security, computer science, and related fields combined with proficiency in blockchain technology and programming languages are needed for a career in blockchain development.

Salary Range: US $1,08,539 per year

Future Scope: Software development opportunities are expected to grow by as much as 22% by 2030. Blockchain development is a growing field offering some of the best paying jobs in technology. Learn more about blockchain technology here

Geographical barriers are nearly inconsequential today, and there’s no denying the pandemic changed the face of human connections. Online spaces are on the verge of becoming the primary forms of communication and collaboration. As technology continues to evolve to become more and more integral to everyday life, the demands for professionals to navigate, control, and utilize it will also increase. 

A career in technology is unquestionably lucrative. As a result, the demand for tech professionals will continue to rise. Using this list of the best paying jobs in technology as a guide, explore a wide range of fields, organizations, and businesses to find one for you. Check out all Emeritus technology courses here.

By Juilee Kamble

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