These 9 Highest Paying IT Jobs Will Boost Your IT Career

These 9 Highest Paying IT Jobs Will Boost Your IT Career | Technology | Emeritus
Gartner forecasted global Information Technology (IT) spending to be $4.4 trillion in 2022 with an increase of 4 per cent from 2021. The role of technology is continuously growing. Industries across the world are looking for talented individuals who can leverage new-age technology and innovate. As a result, many people are pursuing full-time degrees in IT or learning new skills to make the most of this boom. If you are interested and wondering what is the highest paying IT job in the market today, here’s a list to get you started.

What is the Highest Paying IT Job?

1. Computer and Information Research Scientists

Computer and information research scientists work on developing innovative applications for current and new technologies. Their duties include collaborating with scientists and engineers to solve complex problems and creating new software and solutions for computing problems.

Median Pay in the US: $131,490 per year

2. Computer Network Architects

Computer network architects design, build and manage communication networks such as local area networks, wide area networks, and intranets. 

Median Pay in the US: $120,520 per year

3. Computer Programmers

Computer programmers collaborate with software developers and engineers to write, modify, and test code that allows computers to function accurately. 

Median Pay in the US: $93,000 per year

4. Information Security Analysts

Information security analysts monitor networks for security breaches and apply firewalls and data encryption programs to protect sensitive information. They also check for vulnerabilities in the computers and network systems.

Median Pay in the US: $102,600 per year

5. Network and Computer Systems Administrators

Network and computer systems administrators are responsible for the day-to-day operations of computer networks. They organize, install, and support computer systems, including communication networks such as LAN and WAN.

Median Pay in the US: $80,600 per year

6. Information Security Engineers

Information security engineers plan, design, build, and integrate tools that are used to protect electronic information and devices from security breaches. They also research and predict the potential impact of new threats. 

Median Pay in the US: $94,836 per year

7. Infrastructure Architects

An infrastructure architect designs and implements information systems that support an organization’s IT infrastructure. They improve the performance of a business by leveraging the latest technologies.

Median Pay in the US: $112,995 per year

8. Cybersecurity Analysts

A cybersecurity analyst protects an organization’s computer network and systems from cyber attacks, malware, and other criminal activities. They install the necessary tools, monitor the status, and create reports.

Median Pay in the US: $77,311 per year

Cybersecurity pillar blog9. Cybersecurity Engineers

Cybersecurity engineers create and manage hardware, software, and policies that protect an organization’s computer systems and network. A cybersecurity engineer’s responsibilities overlap with those of a cybersecurity analyst. However, an engineer focuses on designing and implementing security systems, while an analyst is concerned with monitoring and preventing breaches.

Median Pay in the US: $99,250 per year

Note: All salary information is from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and PayScale. Salary figures are a median estimate and will vary based on seniority and experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which IT Company Pays the Highest Salary?

According to PayScale, a software engineer’s highest reported IT salary is $131,000 annually. Popular companies that offer such high salaries include Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Apple, Intel, Capital One, and Citi. To find the exact salary, look up the specific role you want to pursue in any company.

2. What Pays More, IT or Computer Science?

Salaries for IT and computer science professionals vary based on location, company, job role, education, years of experience, and skills. Here are a few samples based on search queries on

  • Computer programmer: $72,713
  • Software engineer: $94,026
  • Information technology manager: $87,434

3. Is IT a Good Career?

IT is a promising career for various reasons, such as the increasing employment opportunities and the high pay scale. In addition, IT and software professionals generally get flexible work schedules and remote work opportunities.

4. Which IT Jobs are in Demand?

According to, the most in-demand, high-paying IT jobs are IT Manager, Information Security Analyst, Computer Systems Analyst, Network Administrator, Computer Network Architect, etc.

We hope this helped you figure out what is the highest paying IT job. If you are looking to upgrade your skills to become eligible for one of these roles, check out Emeritus technology courses.

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