Course Preview: Chief Digital Officer Program Leading Transformation at Kellogg

1 November 2022

[Video Transcript] Chief Digital Officer Program Leading Transformation at Kellogg

Program Introduction 

Welcome to the program. Now, this program was designed very intentionally to create successful leaders, not just smart technologists. From our experiences working with firms of different sizes across the world, we have developed a curriculum that addresses the most important areas to help you succeed. The learning modules are organized in a specific path that many ways mirror the process of a large digital transformation project.  

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We'll start with a grounding in both digital management and overarching leadership. Then we move on to identifying opportunities for growth using different lenses. In Building a Shared Vision, we tackle not only the hard skills of building out a digital roadmap but the soft skills of selling that plan to senior leadership and the organization as a whole. We follow that with guidance on how to successfully implement in Executing for Today and then help you ensure that your work has a lasting impact on the organization in Building for Tomorrow.  

The faculty assembled to teach these modules were specifically chosen for their expertise and are among the most awarded and recognized faculty at Kellogg. Congratulations on joining the Kellogg community and welcome to the course. 

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