Course Preview: Imperial Digital Marketing: Customer Analytics and Engagement

26 October 2022 | 0 min read

[Video Transcript] Imperial Digital Marketing: Customer Analytics and Engagement

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Andreas: Welcome to the course. I hope you're ready to go. To get started, we'd like to run through what you can expect from this course over the next several weeks. Gokhan: First of all, you should know that this course is structured with alternating topics across the weekly modules. Andreas: The underlying theme as we move through the course is that we are examining the customer journey from first contact through sale, and hopefully, many more sales to come.  

Yes, we'll be focusing on digital marketing strategies and tools, but these will be all built around themes of how we relate to your customers. Gokhan: That's right. We'll talk about how to get attention from potential customers online. Explore what insights we can drive from mindset metrics. Consider how consumers respond to different types of stimuli online and become engaged with your brand.  

Discuss the different ways to use machine learning algorithms to recommend products and services, and we will discuss how to take those final steps to convert online engagement into sales using best practices,  targeted communication, and data-driven decisions. Andreas: To get us from first contact to sales. We've structured the course to encourage participant engagement. In each weekly module, you can expect to find a set of video lectures in which we lay out the key concepts for the week.  

You'll also find opportunities to practice, and reinforce your learning via interactions and peer feedback activities. We think you'll find that one of the great advantages of taking an online course with a global cohort like this one is that, you'll come into contact with future colleagues who have a broad range of backgrounds and experience. We encourage you to contribute to the conversation and learn from each other.  

Gokhan: Lastly, you can expect to get your hands dirty with some of the industrial leading digital marketing tools and techniques. We presume no prior experience with coding, but I will demonstrate how you can use a programming language to analyze customer data. And then, you'll apply what you have learned to real data sets. Andreas: Our ultimate goal is that by the end of the course, you'll start adopting the techniques learned in this course, and begin to apply them to your own customer data sets.  

You will refine your brand and get to know your customers even better. Gokhan: One final thing to keep in mind. This course includes 24-hour support for technical issues through program support, and learning facilitators with experience in digital marketing, we'll respond to content inquiries and host office hours to further your learning. Do take advantage of these. Andreas: I hope you're ready for an exciting six weeks of learning. Gokhan: Let's get started. 

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