Course Preview : Python for Managers (Online) at Columbia

21 November 2022 | 0 min read

[Video Transcript] Python for Managers (Online) at Columbia

Welcome to the course. I hope you're ready to roll up your sleeves and start coding in Python right away. To get started, we'd like to run you through what you can expect from this course.

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The course is roughly divided into two portions. In the first, boot camp portion, you're going to learn the basics of Python and start building skills for the second portion, which focuses more on data analysis. You might want to devote some extra time to the boot camp portion, as we're going to be covering a lot of information relatively quickly. As you advance, you can always return back to the boot camp materials to refresh your knowledge. Keep in mind that it presumes no prior knowledge of Python, so we're all starting from square one together.

The second half of the course focuses on data analysis and practical applications of Python to data. We'll focus on real datasets, connect to APIs, scrape websites, manage multiple datasets, and aggregate and plot data. The goal is to help you become fluent enough in Python to return to your job, ready to tackle the most pressing problems for your team.

We've structured the course so that you can install and work on a development environment on your own computer, which is what a programmer would often do when working with Python. You won't be reliant on a learning platform to write and execute code, which is a good thing. You can find instructions for setting up your development environment in the orientation week materials.

You'll find, as you make your way through instructional videos, that we've inserted coding challenges. We'll tell you what we'd like you to attempt, you can tackle the problem on your own, and then we'll show you how we'd address the challenge. Remember, there are many ways to solve a challenge, and we hope you'll flex your creativity.

And don't get too bogged down or frustrated. If you find yourself struggling, just proceed to the next video and then follow along with our solutions.

Please also share your code or questions that arise within the class's forum. This course presents a tremendous opportunity to learn from and network with a global cohort of professionals. We hope you'll take advantage of this.

We've also tried to generate exercises that are case-driven, with datasets representing what you would find in a real-life professional setting. We want the skills that you develop to translate quickly into your work.

Lastly, the course includes 24-hour support for technical issues through program support. Course leaders with experience in Python and data analysis will respond to content inquiries and host office hours to further your learning. Take advantage of these.

Thanks for joining us in your Python journey. We anticipate a thoughtful and thought-provoking eight weeks of learning, and we're glad that you've taken the initiative to invest in yourself by learning these crucial skills.

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