Course Preview: Social Media Marketing and Customer Engagement at Imperial

28 October 2022 | 0 min read

[Video Transcript] Social Media Marketing and Customer Engagement at Imperial

Programme introduction  Hello, and welcome to Imperial's Customer Engagement and Social Media  Certificate programme.  

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I'm Daniel Rowles, and I've spent the last 25 years helping global brands create  effective digital marketing. I'm a programme director at Imperial College, CEO of, and host of The Digital Marketing Podcast. During my portion  of the course, we'll discuss paid and organic social media marketing, and  important considerations for each. We'll conclude by talking about different social  media platform factors that lead to their adoption and growth, how to measure  success in this area, and how to spot promising new platform opportunities. Now,  I'd like to introduce you to Andreas, another one of your instructors.  Thank you, Daniel. My name is Andreas, I'm a Professor of Marketing at Imperial  College Business School, Imperial College London. And I'm also the Head of the Department of Analytics, Marketing, and Operations. During my module, I will explain how to get and sustain customer attention. and how to convert that  attention into sales. Now, I would like to introduce you to your third instructor for this  certificate, Omar.   Thank you, Andreas. I'm Omar Merlo. I am a faculty member at the Business  School and I'm an academic director. And one of the things I'm very passionate  about in my research and consulting work is customer engagement and social media.  How do we interact with customers? Create value using all of these new channels  that we have available. During my portion of the certificate, I will talk about  different types of customer participation and engagement. I will talk about the role  of influencers and online advocacy, and how to monitor engagement.   Now we've had a chance to meet, let's begin. [End of Video Transcript]

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