Are You Prepared for the Human Future of Work?

Google “the future of work” and you’ll find yourself sifting through a slew of articles discussing how organizations need to think about the evolution of the workplace in the coming years as it relates to the continuous changes in technology.

But there’s a glaring omission in the way organizations are thinking about the future: the human.

And by overlooking the humans in the workplace, we’re forgetting to think about the evolution of leadership. The biggest impact on employees is your organization’s leadership.

This is why we’re launching a movement focused on rethinking and reframing effective leadership for the human future of work.

Our Mission

To accelerate collective understanding

  • …among ourselves and the broader HR community

  • …of how we can develop exemplary leaders and organizational cultures

  • …who are well suited to address today’s challenges and opportunities

  • …while building a community of growth partners.

Join us to reshape leadership for the Human Future of Work

Meet Our Group Leaders

Hitendra Wadhwa
Hitendra Wadwa
Author, Educator, Founder of Mentora Institute
Rita McGrath
Author, Professor at Columbia Business School, Founder of Valize

Participating Companies


Only 40% of executives believe their companies have high-quality leaders?* This is a 17% drop form just two years ago, and is the biggest decline in a decade.

*Data based on a 2023 study by DDI, a global leadership consulting firm.

Leaders Supporting the Movement

Brandon Carson

The primary intent of all invention and innovation has always been to elevate the human experience and to do that, we must preserve the humanity of work.

Sheryl Raphael Whitaker

Our boundless curiosity and relentless pursuit of betterment have spurred the incredible advancements we see today. This should be a top priority because by cherishing and nurturing human potential, we not only fuel innovation but also cultivate a workplace that thrives on empathy, creativity, and collaboration. In envisioning the future of work, it’s essential to place humans at its heart.

Kate Brown

Technology will continue to quickly advance, but it’s the unique capabilities and qualities of people that will drive innovation, creativity and problem solving. The human element of work is key. We need to focus on a culture that fosters collaboration, inclusivity and empathy which are essential qualities to solve the ever growing list of complex challenges.

Bin Wolfe
Bin Wolfe

With the pace of change in technology, especially in AI and generative AI, it is more important than ever to focus future of work on what’s uniquely human –creativity, ethical judgment, understanding of context as well as emotional and social needs. Working with technology, these uniquely human qualities will help us accelerate innovation and productivity and, at the same time, mitigate and manage unintended consequences and unforeseen risks.

Become Part of the Movement

It takes more than a single event to change how we think about the future of work. Join the movement as we work with leaders around the world to create an effective and efficient way to balance the continuous evolution of technology with the human side of business.