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Generative AI:Impact on Business and Finance​

Grasp the fundamentals, transformative applications, and ethical implications of the technology

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Take your organization's understanding of Generative AI to the point of breakthrough

You have recognized the potential of Generative AI for business growth, but do your leaders find the technology’s complexity daunting? Are they seeking an expert overview of Generative AI and its applications in business and finance?

Bloomberg’s Generative AI: Impact on Business and Finance online program, offered in collaboration with Emeritus, is designed to guide leaders through the fundamentals of Generative AI. The program covers its myriad transformative business applications as well as the ethical and legal challenges it presents. Drawing on Bloomberg's approach to artificial intelligence, the program aims to equip leaders with the necessary strategies to seamlessly integrate Generative AI into business operations, enhance customer experiences, and future-proof their organization’s bottom line.

What your leaders and teams will walk away with

  • An in-depth understanding of how to harness Generative AI across industries
  • An overview of popular Generative AI algorithms such as general adversarial networks (GAN), variational autoencoders (VAE) among others
  • The acumen to assess the impact of the technology on business strategy, financial decisions, products, services, and the workforce
  • An informed view of ethical, privacy, and regulatory aspects associated with Generative AI, including recent developments from Bloomberg coverage

What learners will explore in the program modules

  • 1. Understanding Artificial Intelligence
    A comprehensive overview of AI fundamentals, the difference between narrow and general AI, what Generative AI is and how it differs from traditional artificial intelligence
  • 2. Deep Dive into Generative AI​
    The operational principles of the technology, its limitations and pitfalls, popular algorithms such as GAN and VAE, and Bloomberg’s perspective and approach toward the technology
  • 3. Analysis of Generative AI Applications*
    A detailed study of applications in various functions, identification of AI-potential products/services, and understanding the limitations and risks of Generative AI
  • 4. Impact on Business and Industries*
    ​An assessment of Generative AI’s influence on major industries, its business implications, its application to business scenarios, and forecasts and suggestions for its adoption
  • 5. Ethics, Privacy, and Regulatory Issues*
    The ethical aspects of Generative AI, privacy and data security issues, and the latest legal considerations and regulations surrounding the technology
  • 6. Future-Proofing a Business with Generative AI
    Insights on leveraging the technology for growth and for making informed financial decisions, cultivating an AI culture, and balancing automation with creativity

*Content derived primarily from Bloomberg exclusive content, coverage, editorial content, live shows, and events


An online learning experience that benefits learners

  • Hands-on learning through a capstone project
  • Global outlook through peer-to-peer networking

The experts with the bigger picture


Emily Chang

Host & Executive Producer
Bloomberg Originals


Rachel Metz​

AI Reporter
Bloomberg News


A rewarding outcome

Participants will be awarded a verified digital certificate by Bloomberg, in collaboration with Emeritus, upon successful completion of the program.

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Bloomberg is collaborating with Emeritus (part of the Eruditus Group) to offer this high-impact Generative AI: Impact on Business and Finance​ online program. This program leverages Bloomberg’s approach and expertise in offering context on Generative AI, including recent developments from Bloomberg’s coverage. Emeritus is committed to teaching the skills of the future by making high-quality education accessible and affordable to individuals, organizations, and governments around the world. Emeritus’ unique model of state-of-the art technology, curriculum innovation, and hands-on instruction from senior faculty, mentors, and coaches has educated more than 300,000 learners in the last year across 200 countries.