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The volume of resumes a hiring manager gets daily makes it hard for them to scroll through every aspirant’s skill or work experience in detail.

A career objective is an integral part of the resume. It helps highlight a candidate’s goals, objectives, skills, and educational qualifications.

It is added below an aspirant’s name and contact information, highlighting a candidate’s professional capabilities. And it helps the hiring manager understand if the candidate is an excellent fit for their company.

With a clear career objective for a resume, you can convey the experience, skills, and training that best serve your overall professional aspirations.

We will learn how to write a career objective, its importance and some good samples of career objectives for different professions.

What is a Career Objective?

Being an integral part of the resume, the career objective describes a candidate’s skills, work experience, and professional capability that make them a perfect fit for a job. Apart from increasing chances of getting recruited for a position, here’s why the inclusion of a career objective in a resume is essential:

  • Exhibits what value an aspirant can add to the company
  • Gives an idea of a professional’s capability to fit in and bring positive change to the organisation

Therefore, while building a resume, paying particular attention to career objectives has its benefits.

However, what’s essential while developing a career objective for your resume is to tailor it to the position you are applying for by including keywords used for the job posting or using the exact language of the job description to frame it.

Below we will elaborate more on how to write an impressive career objective for a resume.

How To Write An Impressive Career Objective For A Resume?

A general rule to follow is to limit the content to two or three sentences. Similarly, here are some points to remember while writing a career objective for a resume.

Read, read, and read

Before submitting your resume to the interviewer’s desk, go through it, especially the career objective section. Ensure that it is not jarring or takes more than five sentences to read. Moreover, make sure it doesn’t take more than five seconds to read and comprehend.

You can remove unwanted words, phrases, or technical jargon to enhance the readability of the content. Otherwise, you can take help from a professional writer or editor to trim the content without losing its essence.

Tailor it to the job position

In order to gain the attention of the interviewer, you must tailor your career objective to the job position you are applying for. Apart from creating an impression, doing so will help the hiring manager quickly decide if you are an ideal fit for the organisation.

For example, if you are applying for a digital marketing role, including skills like good negotiation skills, excellent interpersonal skills, social media knowledge, and others in the objective career section will help employers decide quickly.

Mention how you will add value

You are more likely to be selected over another candidate if you clearly state your value proposition. It mentions how you will utilise your skills and knowledge to achieve the company’s target.

For instance, while applying for the role of a digital marketer, you must mention all the digital marketing certification courses you have taken to hone your skills and expand your knowledge.

For instance, you have taken one or more digital marketing certification courses to hone your skills and expand your knowledge. You should highlight such learnings to show the additional value you can add to the role.

It will increase your chances of getting picked over others because you have a stronger value proposition than other candidates who might have only finished their master’s or bachelor’s degree in digital marketing. It also enhances your chances of landing the highest-paying jobs in India as digital marketing graduate.

Emeritus India’s Certificate Programmes offer an in-depth view and help prepare you for real-world challenges in your chosen field. The online professional courses prepare aspirants to make lucrative careers by increasing their chances of landing the highest-paying jobs in India.

In the next part of the article, we will illustrate a sample of career objectives for freshers and experienced professionals.

Sample Career Objective For Freshers

Here’s how freshers can write their career objectives:

As a fresher, I aim to secure a challenging position at a reputed organisation. A job role that puts me in difficult situations and lets me use my communication skills, intuitiveness, and organisational skills. Being highly motivated and ambitious, I have completed several online certifications in contemporary business practices and customer retention strategies.

Sample Career Objective For Experienced Professionals

Here’s how an experienced professional can write their career objective:

With more than a decade of work experience in some of the reputed MNCs, I’m currently looking for a position that aligns with my long-term career goal of becoming an entrepreneur. A job role that helps me use my communication and management skills to achieve company goals and focus on customer satisfaction and enhancing their experience.

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