IIMK’s Strategic Playbook: What Every High-Performance Leader Needs

IIMK’s Strategic Playbook: What Every High-Performance Leader Needs | Leadership | Emeritus

Did you know that only 10% of people are natural leaders? A vast majority of leaders learn leadership as a skill. However, leadership as a skill is rather nuanced. The kind of leadership skills that you need to lead a project are very different from the skills you need to lead an organization through a digital transformation. A recent survey indicated that 83% of businesses believe it is important to develop leaders at all levels, highlighting the layered nature of this skill. But in terms of impact, strategic leadership is right at the top of the table! And if you wish to master this particular kind of leadership, then IIM Kozhikode’s Senior Management Programme can give you just the playbook you need for success. 

With its tailor-made curriculum for senior leaders, this programme can increase your impact as a leader tenfold, propelling you to the forefront for high business impact roles. However, before we delve into this one-of-a-kind executive leadership programme from the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, let’s define the key performance indicators of high-impact strategic leaders.

What Sets High-Performance Strategic Leaders Apart

Some leaders are problem solvers, some are process builders, while others still are great visionaries. As a high-impact leader in a strategic role, you need to be all of this and more. The qualities that set strategic leaders apart from the rest are as follows:

  1. Strategic Decision-Making: The ability to make quick and correct decisions, after having considered all possible avenues is central to strategic thinking. 
  2. Broad Vision: Leaders, in any capacity, cannot afford to have a myopic view. But as a strategic leader, seeing the “biggest” picture is imperative. 
  3. Creative Problem-Solving: Strategy is about giving direction, anticipating the bottlenecks, and unblocking them. 
  4. Ability to Prioritize: A high-impact leader in a strategic role will always prioritize and re-prioritize on the go to achieve the best outcomes. 
  5. Risk Management: The knack to foresee potential risks is a learned skill that most senior leaders cultivate with the right training. 

The Gap Between Leadership and Strategic Leadership Roles

So, what is stopping mid-level managers or aspiring leaders from taking that next step into strategic leadership? While it might be a natural progression for some professionals, many find themselves stuck in a rut between the ranks of a mid-level leader and a high-level strategy role that has actual business impact. The most obvious reason for this is not being able to shift gears and change lenses as a leader. In some cases, strategic roles might require a fine-tuning of existing leadership skills and also a fresh perspective on problem-solving. 

IIM Kozhikode’s Senior Management Programme can fix all of these potential challenges. The course can help senior professionals pivot into the high business impact roles that they seek. 

Why IIMK’s Senior Management Programme is Perfect to Bridge the Gap

The IIMK Strategic Leadership Programme is not just another executive leadership programme; it is a transformational experience that prepares you to tackle the challenges of modern business with confidence and competence. Here are the key benefits that make the IIMK-SMP indispensable:

  • Comprehensive Learning: With over 150 hours of immersive learning, you gain deep insights into strategic management and advanced business concepts
  • Immersive Campus Experience: The six-day campus immersion offers a unique opportunity to engage with faculty and peers, enhancing your learning and professional network
  • Prestigious Alumni Status: Joining the ranks of IIMK alumni provides ongoing networking and career advancement opportunities
  • Cutting-edge Technology Integration: Learn about the latest technologies and how to apply them to drive innovation and efficiency in your organization
  • Hands-on Simulations: Business simulation exercises ensure that you can apply your learning in practical, real-world scenarios
  • Expert-led Masterclasses: Gain insights from industry leaders on crucial topics and emerging trends

Over and above these, the IIM Kozhikode’s Senior Management Programme is integrated with AI. It integrates generative AI use cases, digital supply chain management, and cybersecurity as well as platform strategy to learn leadership. 

Nothing Succeeds Like Success: Stories From Learners

There is no better proof of outcome than advocacy. The IIM Kozhikode’s Senior Management Programme has minted high-impact leaders in over 12 batches. And the learners make a compelling case for the course’s advantages. 

Prathap Das, Director Sales, Academia and Government South Asia, for Clarivate, sums up this executive leadership programme optimally. “The programme helped us focus on depth of understanding rather than breadth of content. It helped us develop abilities to make meaningful applications to new problems and context,” he says. 
If you, like Das, want to broaden your horizons by deepening your understanding of core management and leadership competencies, then IIM Kozhikode’s Senior Management Programme is for you. A comprehensive understanding of strategic leadership will ensure you pivot to the right roles when the opportunity presents itself.

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