Top Content Marketing Trends To Follow In 2022

Prioritizing competitive advantage over other business goals has become the reason for brands’ existence in the current milieu. As a result, companies are using innovative strategies and techniques to eradicate competition, and one of them is content marketing. It is an age-old marketing process that bridges the gap between the brand and its customers by using content as the bridge’s anchor.

In 2022, when the attention span of the audiences is believed to have obliterated to a few seconds, it is important to include content marketing as a foremost strategy in the marketing plan. It holds the attention of the users with the help of effective written, visual, infographic, and audio-video content. Therefore, for brands wanting to achieve supremacy in the business market, it is imperative to understand the content marketing trends that are ruling the milieu with their innovation and novelty. This article will help you understand the best content marketing trends in the current times.

Best Content Marketing Trends

Here are some of the content marketing trends that will impact this year.

  • Podcasting
  • Video Marketing
  • Using AI tools for generating content
  • Brand growth through partnership
  • Leveraging social media applications

The cave paintings enthralling everyone with their beauty and majesty for over a hundred years are the greatest example of content marketing. They convey a story to their audience of ordeals, history, culture, and heritage. They also reinstate the notion that telling stories have been prevalent in our culture for ages. However, content marketing is more than just telling stories. Read below to know how content marketing is different from the interactive art form.


What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that is summarized by the development and distribution of significant and beneficial content in the form of video, audio, newsletter, digital marketing advertisement, emails, and others to potential customers. In this type of marketing, brands emphasize content more. They ensure that the content is effective and universal to attract users to their brand without using any other marketing technique.

The advent of digital marketing has led to excessive content marketing in brand strategy. Moreover, brands worldwide follow new content marketing trends to achieve a competitive advantage over others. If you are a brand that wants to leverage power to reach maximum audiences, read below to know more about the current content marketing trend.

Top Content Marketing Trends Of 2022

In 2022, the world of content is believed to expand and evolve with the inclusion of social media and data science applications and programmes. Depending on your organization’s goals, you can choose the content marketing trend that suits your brand purpose from the below.

1. Podcasting
Podcasts are an emerging content marketing trend that has caught the attention of the millennials and Gen-Z. According to Insider’s latest report, podcasting will be a $94.88 billion industry by 2028. The amplification of podcasts started in the last decade. However, the industry has seen consistent growth in the number of listeners for the past two decades.
Therefore, many brands opt for podcasting to assimilate information about new products or services to potential users. Podcasts also help build a strong between the customer and the brand, inciting brand loyalty.

2. Video Marketing
Video is a great medium to showcase a brand’s culture and purpose, motivating audiences to buy its products or services. Moreover, a recent Statista report estimates digital video viewership to be about 3.5 billion by 2023. It also projects the current social media users to be more than three billion. Therefore, the increase in the use of social media and the internet positively impacts the effectiveness of video marketing as a marketing tool.
Therefore, if you are a brand that focuses on developing a digital footprint on the internet, then adapting video marketing will incite desired results. It will also help proliferate your brand to customers of all niches.

3. AI tools for content generation
Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of data science that develops computer systems that can perform functions similar to the human brain. They are self-learning computer systems that reduce errors and business risks. AI systems have been integrated into different fields like marketing, finance, healthcare, etc.
Therefore, brands using AI systems can generate potent content that will attract customers to the brand without much persuasion. They also use AI-controlled writing assistance software to provide help while manually formulating content.

4. Brand growth through partnership
The emergence and widespread use of social media have given brands a new platform and medium to promote their product- social media influencers. They are personalities that have a large fanbase on social media and harness power to persuade people to make buying decisions.
Many brands collaborate with social media influencers to create a content marketing strategy that helps them cater to a specific audience group. This type of content marketing strategy is adopted by brands that want to increase their online footprint and brand awareness among the millennials and Gen-Z, who predominantly use social media and other internet applications.

5. Leveraging social media platforms
Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn have tools and systems to integrate content marketing into their processes easy and quick. Therefore, brands who have realized the potential of social media are leveraging the platform to promote their product or service.

These five content marketing trends are going to change the face of marketing. It will instigate creativity and innovation, transcending boundaries and culture. If you plan a long-term career in content marketing, being well-versed in different content marketing trends is imperative.

In addition, learning new skills required to increase efficiency and productivity is also important. Therefore, aspiring marketers should take up different digital marketing courses online because they are cost-effective and have an enriching curriculum to learn new skills and get in-depth knowledge about current marketing trends. Emeritus India has the best digital marketing certification courses offered in association with renowned Indian and international universities.

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