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Start Date
28 March 2023

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Programme Fees
INR 4,50,000 + GST
Programme Duration
24 Weeks

4-6 hours/ week Recorded videos

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Capstone Project
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Programme Overview

ISB Executive Education 24-week Venture Capital and Private Equity Programme is crafted to give a comprehensive overview of the VC and PE world identifying the correct investments and establishing the optimal portfolio.

Recorded Videos

From ISB Faculty

Application-based Learning

using assignments and real world case studies

Networking Opportunities

Peer-to-peer learning

Capstone Projects

Action learning projects to test your skills and learning

Real-time targeted feedback

from unique industry experts


Access to success coach and career talks


Any Graduate/ Diploma holder

Who this programme is for

Analysts, Associates, Senior Associates and Managers in VC/PE firms, Investment banks and Management consulting firms | Senior Managers, Associate Directors, AVPs and above from financial services, corporate strategy, corporate finance and development and fintech | Angel investors, Ex-CXOs, Ex-board members, Founder, director, entrepreneurs who are looking to invest in startups

Top skills you will learn

Valuation, structuring process of a VC deal, company evaluation, resource allocation, private equity portfolio management, technology-backed investments, risk management, leadership, and team-building skills

Career opportunities

Senior Managers, Associate Directors, AVPs


Upon successfully completing the programme with a minimum 70% score, you will be awarded a certificate in Venture Capital and Private Equity Programme from ISB Executive Education.
  Note: All certificate images are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change at the discretion of ISB Executive Education.


Learn from renowned faculty who bring a blend of theory and practice to create a dynamic learning experience.

Anand Nandkumar

Associate Professor, Strategy
Professor Nandkumar explores industry and firm level phenomena that influence innovation – the generation of new ideas and entrepreneurship – distribution and commercialization of new ideas. His research focuses on high technology industries
such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and software, and it falls in between industrial organisation (IO), economics of technological change and strategy.

Prothit Sen

Assistant Professor, Strategy
Professor Sen's research interests primarily include business model innovations, impact of such innovations on corporate strategy decisions such as strategic alliances and private equity portfolio strategies. In terms of research methodology, Professor Sen performs empirical analyses over secondary data by using a combination of predictive models that use machine learning algorithms and classical econometric techniques for making causal inferences regarding the phenomena of his interest.

What you will learn

check iconThink and Act like a leader

Get the ISB perspective of thinking and acting like a leader in the venture capital world

check iconBuild and lead a team

Understand the intricacies of team building, efficient communication, and negotiation with internal and external stakeholders through a VC & PE lens

check iconInnovate and build

Innovate and build your personal brand following footsteps of stalwarts of industry and history

check iconManage a portfolio

Learn how to effectively manage a portfolio of private equity companies and ensure optimal spread of investments

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About the Institute

Evolved from the need for a world-class business school in Asia, the Indian School of Business (ISB) was established in 2001. ISB has achieved the 100th triple-crown by getting accreditation from AMBA, EFMD Quality Improvement System (EQUIS), and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). AMBA accreditation represents the highest standard of achievement in postgraduate business education. ISB's executive programmes are ranked #1 in India and #32 globally in the Financial Times (FT) Executive Education Custom 2022 Ranking.


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Triple Accreditation


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Student Benefits

  • ISB Executive Alumni Status
  • ISB Email ID
  • Preferential pricing with 20% discount on ISB Executive Education Open programmes
  • Access to ISB Executive resources like the ISB Executive Education support team
  • Learning and Networking opportunities via ISB Executive Education Network Group on LinkedIn
  • ISB Research Tools: Podcast/Async content and ISB RCI Research Reports


Introduction to PE and VC

  • General Partner (GP)
  • Limited Partners (LPS)
  • Banks
  • The PE Business Model
  • The Structure of a PE Firm
  • Lifecycle/ Stages of a PE Buyout
  • Leveraged Buyouts (LBOs)
  • PIPE Deals
  • Growth Equity
  • Value Creation in All These Buyout Types
  • Global PE Trends
  • India PE Trends
  • Syndication Trends
  • Syndicate Composition
  • Benefits and Costs of Syndication
  • New Forms of Value Creation
  • New Forms of Stakeholder Management
  • Latest From Academic Research On PE
  • The Role of The Fund Manager
  • The Role of The Deal Team
  • Generalists Vs Specialists
  • Early Stage Vs. Mature Targets
  • Auction Process in LBOs
  • Overview and a Brief History of the Venture Capital Industry
  • Industry Trends in India
  • What Do VCs Do?
  • How Does VC Work?
  • The Economics of VC
  • Valuation Basics
  • Dilution and its Consequences
  • What VCs Expect from Startups While Raising a VC Round
  • Idea Vs. Opportunity
  • Valuing Opportunities
  • Good Vs. Bad Opportunities
  • VC Deal Flow Process and Stakeholder Management During Deals
  • Due Diligence Process
  • Thesis-Based Investing/Thematic Investing
  • Structuring the Deal
  • Portfolio Management and Asset Diversification
  • IPO And Other Public Offerings (ICOs, Debt Offerings, Rights Issue)
  • Risk Management
  • Indian Laws and Regulations in VC and PE Circle, Taxation Regulations

Rise in Technology Trend: Leveraging Technology Like Cloud and Data and Analytics to Drive Insights, Blockchain, Alternate Data Platforms Like Tracxn, Synaptic

  • Crowdfunding as an Alternative
  • Corporate Venture Capital as an Alternative
  • Different Forms of Crowdfunding
  • How Does VC Stack Against these Alternatives
  • Growth Imperatives and Trade-Offs a VC Face While Pushing For Growth
  • The Economics Behind Multiple Rounds of Financing in High Valuation Companies and How They Affect VC’s Upside
  • How to Advice Startups on Business Models
  • Evaluating Exit Options
  • The Math Behind Evaluating Exit Strategies
  • What is in it for You as a VC?
  • The Basics of M&A
  • The Dynamics of Disruption
  • Characterising Change
  • Leadership Strategy
  • Leader's Posture in a Changing Universe
  • Leadership Vs Management
  • Key Leadership Behaviours
  • Characteristics of Successful Leaders
  • Mastering Networks and a Changed Lifestyle
  • Preparing for Change
  • Communicate for Action
  • Communicate for Impact
  • Celebrate Ethics
  • The Art of Storytelling
  • Leadership is a Habit
  • Introduction: A Crisis Management Case Study
  • Group Dynamics
  • Perception to Decision
  • Execution to People and Contracts to Promises
  • The Execution Loop: Role Playing
  • The Rules of Execution
  • Are We Born to be the First Movers?
  • Triggering Innovation
  • Nurturing Innovation: Behavioural Enablers
  • Measured Transformation: Nestle Philippines Case Study
  • Culture As Continuous Change and Preparation for Change
  • Case Study: Johnson & Johnson Tylenol
  • Case Study: Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder
  • Purpose, Strategy and Values
  • Crisis Management
  • Response to Crisis: Rules One to Five
  • Response to Crisis: Rules Six to Ten
  • Dealing With Individual Crisis
  • What is the Purpose of Business?
  • Value Creation
  • Ethical Behaviour Framework
  • Implications on Ethical Values
  • Tradeoffs We Make as a Society
  • Social Inclusion
  • Governance
  • Greenwashing
  • Power of Intent in Leadership
  • Sustainable Value Creation
  • Doughnut Economics
  • Circular Economy
  • Leadership In Creating Sustainable Models
  • 5 Things Business Can do to Sustainably Create Value
  • Leadership And Entrepreneurship
  • Building a Team, Developing In-House Talent and Retaining Talent and Career Path For New Talent, Portfolio Company Talent Strategy and VC/PE Talent Strategy
Recorded Videos From ISB Faculty

Application-based Learning using assignments and real world case studies

Apply your learning via Capstone project and action learning projects

Real-time targeted feedback from unique industry experts

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Programme fees

Total Fees INR 4,50,000 + GST

Total Payable INR 4,50,000 + GST

Apply by 27 March 2023

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Personalised Mentorship

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Programme Support

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Immersive Learning Platform

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