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Learn to engage customers across the various stages of the digital marketing funnel, build innovative online advertising strategies, get more ROI from digital campaigns and use analytics to generate customer insights and build stronger campaigns to create growth. Start a career in digital marketing with the right skills.

Digital Marketing

1 billion

Indian internet users projected by 2030

$160 billion

digital marketing sector forecasted by 2025


employment growth expected in digital marketing by 2025

$299.01 billion

is projected for the Indian e-commerce sector by 2029

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Concepts: Digital Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO), the backbone of digital marketing, is essential in today’s online world. Mastering SEO is crucial for enhancing a brand’s online presence, a skill deeply integrated into digital marketing courses from the world’s best universities on Emeritus. What sets these digital marketing courses apart is their practical approach. These digital marketing courses online blend theoretical knowledge with real-world applications. The digital marketing courses, including digital marketing certificate courses, are interactive and regularly updated for the latest trends.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is increasingly recognized for its role in driving targeted traffic and enhancing online visibility. Mastering SEM techniques is crucial for digital marketers, and digital marketing courses from the world’s top universities in Emeritus offer specialized training. In these digital marketing courses, SEM is taught with a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical applications, setting these courses apart from other digital marketing courses online. These digital marketing courses online are designed to be interactive and up-to-date.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is vital for audience engagement and brand building on social platforms. Emeritus brings you digital marketing courses from top universities worldwide. These digital marketing courses online offer thorough training in SMM, blending theory with practical application. Moreover, the digital marketing certificate courses, available online, ensure learners understand and effectively implement SMM strategies across various platforms. In the current digital era, upskilling in SMM through these digital marketing courses online is vital for having a successful marketing career.

Content marketing is essential for creating engaging, valuable content that attracts and retains a clearly defined audience. Emeritus brings you digital marketing courses from the top universities worldwide, including various digital marketing certificate courses that have incorporated content marketing into their curriculum. These digital marketing courses online provide in-depth training in content marketing, recognizing its importance in engaging audiences and establishing brand authority in the digital era. These digital marketing courses stand out for their practical approach to content marketing.

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FAQ on Digital Marketing

The process of advertising products and services through digital media, social media platforms, and digital technologies is known as digital marketing. It refers to any online marketing that is done via the use of digital devices and the internet. From elaborate automated email communication to something as simple as an Instagram post or a blog on a company’s website, digital marketing efforts can take numerous shapes. You can enhance your digital marketing skills by taking up a digital marketing certification course.

Digital marketing is an extensive field with plenty of interesting opportunities, it is growing at a rate of 30% in India annually. There are over 170k+ open job roles in the field of Digital Marketing in India. To success in Digital marketing from the path of an intern to the CMO, you can follow a path as mentioned below:

  • Intern > Executive > Assistant > Manager > Director > Vice President > Chief Marketing Officer

Here are some of the common job titles in digital marketing:

  1. Digital marketing manager
  2. SEO/SEM Specialists
  3. Content Strategist
  4. E-Commerce Specialist
  5. Social Media Marketing Manager
  6. Brand Marketing Expert
  7. Digital Project Managers
  8. Digital Marketing Analyst
  9. Visual Designers
  10. Account Manager
  11. Content Writer

Digital marketing is an important channel for any organisation, a way to reach its customers through various marketing tactics done online. It allows organisations to reach customers at different stages of their path to purchase, its become an effective medium to build & establish brands, create top of the mind awareness (TOMA) and it allows marketers to minutely track all their efforts using a variety of metrics and KPIs to generate customer insights. It’s thus crucial to gain a comprehensive understanding about digital marketing to increase traffic, attract more clients, raise brand awareness, and reach a larger audience.

Types of Digital Marketing

  • Content Marketing
    • Refers to the creation of content such as blogs, posts, brochures, videos, mailers and more
  • Search Engine Optimisation
    • Is a way of creating content that will be highly ranked by search engines like Google which then help in ranking your page high in the search engine results page (SERP).
  • Social Media Marketing
    • Is a way of marketing where brands can use social media channels to engage with their customers and to use it as an extension of their brand identity
  • Pay-per-Click or Search Engine Marketing
    • Refers to paid advertisements that you typically see on the top of the page of search results
  • Email Marketing
    • Is a way for companies to reach their audiences and it can be used to promote products, content, sales, events or to have audiences visit the company’s website
  • Mobile Marketing
    • A way of reaching your audiences through their smartphones or tablets and having your company’s collaterals & campaigns optimised for mobiles
  • Marketing Analytics
    • Refers to the data tracked by marketers across various metrics such as CTR (Click Through Rate) to determine the success of a campaign & generate customer insight
  • Affiliate Marketing
    • Is a way of promoting your organisations products via other organisations or individuals like influencers
  • Video Marketing
    • Refers to using any form of video content that organisations use to market their offerings, build awareness for their digital channels or to reach their audiences
  • Display Advertising
    • Is an advertising medium that uses banners, images, texts and audio on publisher websites such as Google Display Network

Digital Marketing is hence a rich, dynamic field with newer ways of using this medium being discovered by organisations every day. It is difficult to gain in-depth understanding about each type of digital marketing, but the key to an efficient digital marketer is to understand the foundational concepts of all these types to be able to create comprehensive and 360 degree digital strategies.

We bring to you intermediate to advances digital marketing courses from the world’s most reputed universities with curriculum designed by their world class faculty in the field of digital marketing. Irrespective of what stage of your career you are in, upskilling in digital marketing will help you stay ahead of the competition and a mile ahead of everyone. Enrol today, to begin your digital learning journey.

Our programmes enable participants to reimagine marketing in the digital era, understand the impact of the internet on consumers and their behaviour, leverage new technologies to attract customers, and more.

Emeritus India offers an array of certification courses in digital marketing in partnership with different top institutes. These courses are designed for digital marketing professionals at different  stages of their career, whether they want to understand how to better create digital strategies for their organisation, learn how to grow their own business or return to work post a career break.

Here are the certification courses:

  • Digital marketing and analytics
  • Professional certificate programme in digital marketing
  • Certificate programme in digital marketing
  • Certificate programme in digital marketing and applied analytics
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Here are the roles and responsibilities of a digital marketing professional:

  • Develop, evaluate, and monitor digital marketing campaigns
  • Ensure consistency in brand messaging
  • Work with other departments to streamline marketing campaigns
  • Optimise business website to increase online traffic
  • Follow best practices for social media marketing on different platforms

Conduct regular audits for social media and website marketing performance

In India, the average salary of digital marketing professionals differs from person to person, depending in their work experience, qualifications, and company.

The average salaries in the digital marketing field are:

  1. Digital Marketing Executive Average 3.7 LPA and can range from 2 LPA to 8 LPA
  2. Digital Marketing Analyst’s from INR 3.6 LPA to INR 9.4 LPA
  3. Digital Marketing Manager Average is 7 LPA and can range from 3 LPA to 19LPA
  4. Senior Digital Marketing Manager Average is 16 LPA and can range from 7 LPA to 30 LPA

To accelerate your digital marketing career growth and become a well-rounded digital marketer, upskill with Emeritus India’s programmes. These programmes hone your understanding of digital concepts, improve your planning and implementation skills and prepare you to create business growth strategies.

Here is a list of advanced digital marketing courses that Emeritus India offers in association with reputed global universities.

  • Digital Marketing and Analytics
  • Executive Programme in Digital Marketing: Applications and Analytics
  • Executive Programme in Digital Marketing

These courses are developed for mid-to-senior level marketing professionals keen on enhancing their digital marketing and analytics capabilities.

Digital Marketing is becoming increasingly important for brand building among enterprises and organisations. Businesses understand how social media and digital channels may help them promote and market their “brand image” to a wider audience. As a result, brands are focusing more on their digital marketing strategies, expanding the scope of digital marketing across all industries.

As per a Goldman Sachs report, the digital marketing industry will be worth $160 Billion by 2025. One of the best things about a career in digital marketing is that you don’t need a lot of formal schooling. All you need is a bachelor’s degree and digital marketing training from a recognised institute. You can also go on to delve deeper into digital marketing by taking an online digital marketing course and if it also offers placements it can also help you move up the corporate ladder.

List of Digital Marketing Courses

Emeritus India offers digital marketing courses with in depth curriculum developed by globally renowned faculty of reputed global universities. These programmes equip you with advanced skills and knowledge to devise result-driven digital marketing strategies to thrive in the digital era and help brands outperform their competitors. You get an in-depth understanding of digital marketing to understand the impact of new developments, technologies, and trends on strategies through industry-standard case studies, showcasing how companies navigated through the ever-changing digital world using various strategies and tools.

Programme University Duration
Digital Marketing and Analytics Indian School of Business 12 Weeks
Post Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing Kellogg Northwestern University 36 Weeks
Professional Certificate Programme in Digital Marketing Indian School of Business 24 Weeks
Executive Programme in Digital Marketing Applications Analytics IIM Lucknow 10 Months
Digital Marketing and Analytics IIM Kozhikode 10 Months
Certificate Programme in Digital Marketing IIT Delhi 6 Months
Certificate Programme in Digital Marketing and Applied Analytics IIT Bombay 6 Months
Executive Programme in Digital Marketing IIM Jammu 6 Months
Executive Programme in Digital Marketing IIMI IIM Indore 18 Weeks