Emeritus and Stanford Graduate School of Business Launch the Sustainability Strategies Program, Empowering Leaders to Be Agents for Positive Change

New York, 15 June, 2023 – Emeritus, the global leader in world-class professional education, announced a new program in collaboration with Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) Executive Education. The eight-week online program, Sustainability Strategies: Develop Initiatives to Transform Your Business, empowers business leaders to meet the challenges of the global economy responsibly, while driving value creation for their organizations.

The challenges we face today require business strategies that place environmental stewardship and social responsibility at the heart of each organization’s value proposition. A multidisciplinary team of faculty at Stanford GSB designed this program with two key objectives in mind. First, to equip business leaders with the necessary tools to analyze, develop, and manage a sustainability-driven strategy with the aim of mitigating and, ultimately, reversing the impacts of their organization’s climate footprint. Second, to empower business leaders with the knowledge to understand the sustainability challenges we face and develop the leadership tools and vision to solve them.

“Sustainability has evolved from a compliance burden to a strategic imperative, and today’s business leaders need to successfully identify and integrate sustainability objectives and initiatives into their strategy to remain competitive. However, the development of such sustainability strategies requires new frameworks for evaluating the business and defining and managing value creation,” says Professor Joseph Piotroski, Faculty Director of the Sustainability Strategies program and the Robert K. Jaedicke Professor of Accounting at Stanford GSB. “Our multidisciplinary team of faculty address many aspects of this complex strategic topic – from leadership and innovation to business models and political considerations – with a focus on addressing challenges and capturing opportunities to create a more sustainable organization.”

Featured program elements include Stanford GSB-exclusive frameworks, case studies, and application exercises that make the learnings concrete and transferable. Live sessions with faculty and networking with global peers create an engaging atmosphere that encourages innovative thinking.

“In collaborating with Stanford GSB, we strive to help business leaders recognize how sustainability-based initiatives can create competitive advantages and drive new value – to offer the playbook for moving in that direction,” says Mike Malefakis, President of University Partnerships at Emeritus.

In 2022, Emeritus programs helped more than 250,000 individuals across 150+ countries develop new skills, unlock professional advancement, and build competitive advantage for their organizations. This collaboration with Stanford GSB will further Emeritus’ mission of making high-quality education accessible and affordable to learners around the world.

For more information, please visit the program website.


About Stanford Graduate School of Business Executive Education:

Stanford Graduate School of Business offers more than 100 short courses and certificate programs annually through its Stanford Executive Education program. Executive Education programs are targeted at managers and senior executives seeking to enhance leadership skills, fill gaps in knowledge, and innovate within their organizations. These programs engage leaders in a highly-immersive, research-based academic experience, led by the same senior faculty that teach in the two-year MBA and one-year MSx degree programs at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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