Previous Refund Policy

Withdrawal, Refunds and Deferral (Professional Certificate Programs) 1

  1. Emeritus’ refund policy (“Refund Policy”) and related procedures is designed to be fair and equitable to all. The Refund Policy is communicated to potential participants prior to enrolling in a course or program via the Emeritus’ website, and once enrolled in a course or program, through Emeritus’ Learning Management System (“LMS”). To request a refund for a course or program, participants must adhere to the Refund Policy and procedures for such request as described below.
  2. Refunds
    a. Emeritus will notify participants in writing as soon as practicable in the event any of the following shall occur relating to a course:
        i. The course will not commence on the stated course commencement date;
        ii. The course will not be completed by the stated course completion date; or
        iii. Emeritus terminates the course before the course completion date;
    b. Within 3 working days of notice to the participants, Emeritus will inform participants in writing if there are alternative study arrangements available. If a participant decides not to pursue alternative student to withdraw, the student will be refunded 100 percent of course fees and any miscellaneous fees paid within seven (7) working days from the day the participant submits the request to withdraw to
  3. Refunds Requests and Amounts
    a. If the participant withdraws from the course for any reason other than those stated in paragraph 2 (a)-(c) above, Emeritus will refund to the participant certain amounts based on the following schedule upon receipt of a refund request to

    Time of Refund Request Amount Refunded
    Within 21 days after course commencement Full refund of course fee (assuming no prior course deferral)
    22 to 45 days after course commencement 50% of course fee (assuming no prior course deferral)
    More than 45 days after course commencement No refund of course fee
  4. Deferrals
    a. Within thirty (30) days of commencement of the applicable course cohort, a participant may request a one-time deferral to change to a future cohort of the same course or program. A deferral request must be submitted to Emeritus, together an reasonable explanation of why the deferral has been requested. Cohort changes may be made only once per enrollment and are subject to availability of cohorts scheduled at the sole discretion of Emeritus. All deferral requests should be sent to:
  5. Refunds of course fees, if applicable will be made to participant within seven (7) working days from the date that Emeritus receives the participant’s written notice of withdrawal with complete documentation as required. Requests that are received after noon as per the student’s local time would be considered as a submission on the next working day.
  6. The seven (7) working days noted above in paragraph 5 above to process refunds excludes bank processing time (which is out of Emeritus’ control). Refunds will be paid directly to the participant only, unless written and signed instruction is provided by the participant to pay the refund to an account belonging to a person other than the participant.
  7. Emeritus reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to dismiss a participant from a course or program at any time and provide a refund to the participant pursuant to the stated refund policy in paragraph 2 above. Participants who are dismissed from a course or program due to a violation of Emeritus’ Code of Conduct are not entitled to any refund.