Online Customer Experience Training, Courses & Certificate Programs

What is Customer Experience?

Customer experience is best defined as the customer's perception of a specific brand or product. It is multidimensional and comprises diverse elements such as:

  • Brand Messaging
  • Service/product
  • Sales Process
  • Post-sales Operation
  • Internal factors like engineering quality, company leadership, and the organization's inner workings

Managing customer experience and brand perception is invaluable to a business. However, it demands the dedication and involvement of every stakeholder as the experience must be holistic. Furthermore, customer experience is crucial to maintaining brand reputation and goes a long way in retaining and attracting new customers. It gives businesses an edge over competitors in a highly volatile market.

Why is Customer Experience Important?

Today, with the proliferation of social media, the customer wields power, not the seller. In light of this, a positive customer experience is essential to the sustained development of an organization, brand advocacy, and fostering loyalty and trust.

The modern customer has the resources, information, and time to educate themselves about the latest products and make an informed purchase. Moreover, in a marketplace saturated with new products, services, and advertisements emerging every day, a buyer must encounter remarkable customer experience. An experience that encourages them to continue investing in the same brand over a considerable period and establish a long-standing relationship of trust.

Can I learn about customer experience online?

With organizations recognizing the role of customer experience in boosting their fiscal gains, operational efficiency, and business strategy, they prefer hiring professionals with a penchant for the same. This has, in turn, spurred job-seekers to upskill, which has led several resources to emerge. Among these, online customer experience courses have garnered immense popularity as they are affordable, engaging, and offered by some of the most distinguished institutions in the world. Most of these courses also offer certification. In addition, they are a helpful way of mastering the fundamentals of customer experience, fine-tuning your skills, and advancing to the more complex aspects of the subject.

What kind of a career can I pursue with a background in customer experience?

Customer experience is integral to any business, but it is imperative in specific industries, such as retail, e-commerce, hospitality, insurance, banking, and airlines. Establishing a career in these fields demands a blend of emotional intelligence, technical expertise, communication, and a knack for collaborative work.

Some of the most lucrative careers that professionals with a background in customer experience pursue are:

  • Customer service representative
  • Quality assurance manager
  • Product support specialist
  • Customer implementation manager
  • Customer retention specialist

With the field's meteoric growth, many companies are now adding customer experience executives to their top management, such as the chief experience officer (CXO) and chief customer officer (CCO).

Why take an online course at Emeritus?

Each Emeritus online course is designed keeping key learning outcomes in mind by a team of experts. We use the backward design methodology to develop instruction for learners of all ages. This enables us to craft unique, interactive, learning experiences that include a combination of assessments, hands-on activities, skill application, and more.

Emeritus also collaborates with the best universities and faculty around the world to curate the course curriculum that can effectively tackle present challenges in the industry, while preparing you for the trends and risks in the future. Our courses consist of assignments, exams, capstone projects, networking opportunities, a fine balance of practical and theoretical concepts, and the opportunity to learn from top minds in the industry. This adds to the holistic experience we try to provide for each learner.

We are also focused on providing courses that are standardized in quality. This is done by adhering to standards set by a global organization called Quality Matters which is focused on providing quality standards for online and innovative digital teaching and learning environments. The rigorous criteria ensure all our learners invest in quality education that is easily accessible and affordable.