Design thinking is a process that relies on understanding users’ needs and experiences as they continue to evolve. It is a solution-focused mindset that is critical to developing new ideas that can uncover potential opportunities, challenge assumptions and lead to product and service innovations. Through analysis and imagination, design thinking empowers organisations to identify and implement human-centred and action-oriented solutions to complex business problems.

Gaining deeper insight into the target users’ needs and expectations in turn leads to more value creation. This is the core of design thinking, and it leads to improved products, services and internal processes. From learning the practical applications of design thinking to building products and services that meet the functional, social and emotional needs of your customers, this programme will give you the knowledge to develop user-centric designs that will help you address your customers’ pain points and meet your business goals.


This programme is suited for individual contributors, department heads, directors and business leaders who are responsible for driving innovation to solve business problems or enhancing the culture of their team or organisation.

Representative roles and industries that can benefit include:

  • Solutions consulting directors, product or marketing directors, customer support service directors, client relations and innovation directors
  • Business development consultants, management consultants
  • Head of digital products, IT, product development, marketing
  • Design managers, senior product managers, engagement managers
  • Innovation-driven industries where design thinking is critical, including information technology, ecommerce, banking and finance, marketing, entertainment, hospitality, retail and more


What Will This Programme Do For You


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  • Starts on

    December 9, 2020

  • Duration

    2 Months, Online

    (4-6 hours per week)
  • Course Fees

    US$ 1,600*

Curriculum & Faculty


  • Identify the customer journey, problem statement or underlying issue and possible solution options
  • Pinpoint target users and design interview questionnaires to understand customer pain points
  • Develop an empathy map to define customer profile and needs by using ethnographic research methods (interviews and observations)
  • Map the customer journey to understand customers' experiences with your product/service
  • Develop persona(s) of your target customers
  • Analyse customers' professional profiles to gather a customer's functional, social, emotional and basic needs
  • Cluster your insights and develop a point of view to envision and evaluate possible solutions
  • Brainstorm ideas to explore solutions that will help customers meet their needs
  • Identify desirable features of solutions and cluster ideas
  • Select high-quality solution ideas that can be prototyped
  • Design a prototype for the selected idea to enable a conversation with the stakeholders
  • Derive insights from user-prototype interactions and stakeholder feedback to rectify flaws, address constraints and enhance strengths
  • Discuss the importance of failing quickly and cheaply
  • Refine prototype and solutions based on feedback from target users to better fit with user needs
  • Test and refine point of view (POV)
  • Discuss the practical applications of design thinking
  • Describe the applications of complementary tools of innovation: Value Proposition Designer, Business Model Canvas


Design Thinking and Innovation for Business Playbook

The Design Thinking Playbook includes templates for each module assignment where participants can record their work. At the end of the programme, participants can use their playbook to shape the learning of the programme into a personalised action plan for their organisation or business.


The programme will feature pre-recorded interviews with leading industry experts


Sarah Cheah
Sarah Cheah

Faculty at NUS Business School


Enrico Pelillo
Enrico Pelillo

Vice President, Global Skin Care at Procter & Gamble

Allan Lim
Allan Lim

Front End Innovation and Partnerships Team, Nestlé

Low Cheaw Hwei
Low Cheaw Hwei

Vice President, Head of Design, Philips Asia, Head of Government & Public Affairs, Philips Singapore

Learning Experience

Emeritus follows a unique online model. This model has ensured that nearly 90 percent of our learners complete their course.

  • Orientation Week
    Orientation Week
    The first week is orientation week. During this week you will be introduced to the other participants in the cohort from across the world and you will learn how to use the learning management system, discussion boards, the Design Thinking Playbook, and other learning tools provided.
  • Module Outcomes and Content
    Module Outcomes and Content
    Each week, you will receive access to learning outcomes, video lectures and assignments for that module. Your assignment for the module will be outlined in the Design Thinking Playbook.
  • Clarifying Doubts
    Clarifying Doubts
    During the programme, the Programme Leader is available to help participants clarify their content-related queries.
  • Follow-Up
    Emeritus Programme Support Team follow up over email and phone calls with learners who are unable to submit their assignments.


Emeritus Program Support Team

If at any point in the course you need tech, content or academic support, you can email program support and you will typically receive a response within 24 working hours or less.

Program Highlights

Video Lectures
Video Lectures
Discussion Boards
Discussion Boards
Pre-recorded Roleplay
Pre-recorded Roleplay
Design Thinking Playbook
Design Thinking Playbook


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