Is Blockchain Part of YOUR Solution?

The velocity of technological change is staggering. It’s a little bit like watching a parade in a small town: don’t blink, or else you’ll miss it. In this case, the digital revolution is marching through industry at a fast clip and blockchain is part of the spectacle.

  • $3.1T By 2030 – The business value-add of blockchain will grow to slightly more than $176 billion by 2025, and it will exceed $3.1 trillion by 2030.
  • 84% Actively Involved in Blockchain – In a PwC survey of 600 executives from 15 territories, 84 percent say their organizations have at least some involvement with blockchain technology.
  • 48% Cite Regulatory Uncertainty – In the same survey, 48 percent of respondents cite regulatory uncertainty as the biggest barrier to blockchain adoption.

Who is This Program For?

Progressive leaders in both the public and private sectors need to understand what new digital technologies such as blockchain can and can’t do for their organizations. If you find yourself asking what the opportunities and the limitations of blockchain are, then this program is for you.
Representative roles and industries that can benefit include:

  • Business/technology strategists and consultants
  • Entrepreneurs who are interested in launching new ventures relating to blockchain or cryptocurrencies
  • Financial and banking professionals, including those in risk management and regulatory roles
  • Government officials, policy makers, and civil servants from around the globe, as this program takes a truly global perspective
  • Insurance and real estate professionals
  • Investors who want to understand the developing blockchain ecosystem to inform investment decisions
  • IT and security professionals
  • Supply chain management professionals


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    2 Months, Online

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    US$ 2,600*

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Curriculum & Faculty

Learning Journey

During this online journey, you’ll connect with UC Berkeley Executive Education’s faculty, industry leaders, and peers from every corner of the globe, taking a deep dive into the applications of blockchain technology for business and society. Taking a case-based approach featuring use cases from finance, healthcare, supply chain management, and consumer products, you’ll collaborate through moderated discussion boards and join faculty for live interviews with industry leaders, including Q&A. In addition, there are live office hours to supplement the live and recorded sessions.
learning journey

Company Examples

Financial Case: Deutsche Bank

Financial Case: Deutsche Bank

    How does a financial institution with $1.7 trillion in assets under management begin to assess the opportunities that blockchain technology may offer? Learn how Deutsche Bank is executing its strategy to become a more digital bank by harnessing innovation in its internal incubator, Deutsche Bank Labs. Deutsche Bank is experimenting with blockchain technology to deploy "smart contracts" to make the life cycle of corporate bonds more efficient.



    The healthcare industry is 2.5 times as likely to be the target of a data security breach. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies can help the healthcare system to be more secure with applications such as:

    • Keeping patient records secure
    • Ensuring that pharmaceuticals are genuine quality
    • Reducing insurance fraud in public and private healthcare markets
Social Impact: Rippleworks

Social Impact: Rippleworks

    Could blockchain be used for massive good in society? The founders of Ripple, one of the top traded cryptocurrencies in the world, set up a foundation with a significant amount of its holdings with the goal to fund Blockchain for Social Impact.

Supply Chain Case: Maersk

Supply Chain Case: Maersk

    Could blockchain be the holy grail for the largest shipping company in the world? Could this technology help to eliminate onerous paperwork and reduce fraud and shipping delays? Should Maersk create an industry platform for all shippers or go at it alone?

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Maura O'Neill
Maura O'Neill

Lecturer, Distinguished Teaching Fellow, Entrepreneurship

Maura is a lecturer and distinguished teaching fellow in entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley. In 2016, she received the UC Berkeley Earl F. Cheit Award for Excellence in Teaching. She also advises startups, global companies, foundations, and global government agencies on innovation and new technologies.

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Others* – includes Agriculture, Civil Construction, Education, Electronics / Hardware, Energy, Industrial Goods, Real Estate, Retail, Telecommunications and more.

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