Second Annual Global Career Impact Survey from Emeritus Shows Upskilling Results in Pay Raises, Positive Organization-Wide Impact, and Career Advancements

Survey demonstrates the power of Emeritus’ unique online pedagogy and wide breadth of program offerings, with 94% of learners reporting a positive impact on their career.

BOSTON, MA, November 1, 2022 — Emeritus, the global leader in world-class professional education, today announced its second annual Global Career Impact Survey, which gathered insights from more than 3,900 Emeritus learners across more than 115 countries. The survey’s findings show clear trends for individuals, executives, and organizations alike, with 94% of learners reporting a positive impact on their career and 90% reporting a positive impact on their organization. The results demonstrate the tremendous impact of education on professionals navigating an ever-changing global economy.

During a time of significant uncertainty and global inflation, the survey shows that individual learners are eager for the opportunity to upskill in order to keep pace with rapidly changing future-of-work trends. Additionally, while organizations are facing a massive talent war with The Great Resignation and widening skills gaps, learning options and career pathing are proven to close skills gaps while increasing career development opportunities for learners.

Key data highlights include:

  • Amid economic uncertainty and a looming recession, employees are looking to future-proof themselves for the workforce of tomorrow: 94% of participants saw a positive impact in their career and professional development. Of that group, 61% found new meaning and inspiration in their lives and careers, and 55% saw advances in their current job.
  • Relevant upskilling opportunities are needed for organizations and employees to remain relevant in today’s digital-first workplace: 90% of participants saw a positive impact within their organizations. Of that group, 61% saw improvements in technical areas to help close skills gaps amid digital transformation (DX)/advancing skills needs. Amongst all learners, 71% agreed the program helped prepare themselves or their team for the future of work.
  • Removing education access barriers of the past, online learning with real-time networking and peer-to-peer insights is delivering immediate ROI for learners: On average, learners taking a professional education course received a nearly 20% salary increase on average, showing immediate ROI and impact.
  • Upskilling provides social and emotional benefits: 89% of participants reported feeling more engaged at work, and 76% said they passed on knowledge to colleagues and friends.

Survey respondents were participants from Emeritus professional education programs offered in partnership with North American and European universities, completed prior to June 2022. Notably, the full breadth of Emeritus offerings includes programs in partnership with top universities all over the world. Emeritus’ programs are based on cohort-based learning, in which a small group of individuals learn and progress through the specific course together to foster collaboration, networking, and peer support while exposing learners to various perspectives. Emeritus’ unique blend of state-of-the-art technology, curriculum innovation, and hands-on instruction from senior faculty, mentors, and coaches results in industry-leading completion rates.

Emeritus offers world-class learning programs to empower professionals with the latest technologies and skills to help them transform their lives, companies, and organizations. Working alongside companies, Emeritus delivers the skills that their workforce needs now and for the jobs of the future with customized internal L&D solutions, including the recent launch of Academies in Data, Leadership, Tech, and more. And yet, according to research from the Josh Bersin Company, only 17% of organizations create extensive opportunities for career growth. This survey suggests a massive opportunity for individuals and organizations looking to unlock the power of upskilling for accelerated career advancement, higher incomes, stronger organizational capacity, and long-term competitive advantage.

“Upskilling is in high demand for both learners and organizations in today’s rapidly changing environment,” said Ashwin Damera, co-founder and CEO of Emeritus. “Education remains our most transformational lever for economic uplift, resilience, agility, and innovation.”

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