Course Preview: Kellogg Accelerated Marketing Leadership Program

1 November 2022

[Video Transcript] Kellogg Accelerated Marketing Leadership Program

Program Introduction 

Hello and welcome to the program. We are so excited to have you participate with us over the next 6 months, as you learn about the modern marketing approach and how you can become a more effective marketer and leader.  Each week, you will hear about frameworks and tools, and ideas on a variety of topics including competitive strategy, using analytics to drive your business value, actionable customer consumer insights, best practices  around agile marketing, how you design your brand in a corporate purpose into that brand design, media planning,  building customer loyalty and creating simple, flexible marketing plans.  

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Hi, my name is Nick Caffentzis, and I'm an Adjunct Professor at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management and the Executive Director of Kellogg's Chief Marketing Officer program. As a former Chief Marketing Officer myself, I appreciate how challenging the marketing role can be. You sit at the cross-section of the brand, product,  customer experience, sales, and ever-evolving technology. So, I know it's important for you to build depth in your functional marketing skills and breadth across marketing experience and roles as you move through the organization. In my work with Chief Marketing Officers, I see that their leadership is the ability and skill to influence and mobilize people around a shared vision or purpose. So, with all of that in mind, we worked with the Kellogg faculty on the design and development of this program.  

Over these 6 months, you will hear from more than 15 different Kellogg professors with expertise in specific areas of marketing, analytics, and in leadership. And well I myself, will not be teaching any of the Modules. You will see me popping up throughout the program to introduce key concepts and to help orient you as we move through the weeks. Now the Kellogg approach to curriculum development for marketing is to build your knowledge and everlasting skills in 3 areas: developing strategy, understanding your customers, and connecting with your customers across a variety of channels. So, we use these 3 areas, we call them pillars, in the design of the content and the flow of this program. So, we're going to start with modules on developing strategy, then move to how to understand your customers more deeply, and then lastly, how to connect with these customers with empathy.  We're going to complement that with specific modules that will help you and your team to improve the effectiveness in using the tools and the frameworks that you learn each week.  

We'll also have 3 weeks throughout the program that are focused on your personal leadership skill development.  You'll learn how to exert leadership when you lack formal authority, which is influencing. You'll hear how you can take steps to avoid stalling your career as you move up in the organization. And then lastly, how you can become a more effective coach so you can develop high-performing teams. So, we know that this is an awful lot of content for you to absorb. Nonetheless, we think that you are going to enjoy each week of the program. And as you finish the program, you will be an even stronger marketer and a more effective team leader. You will understand how to prepare for the future of marketing with a deeper understanding of how the modern marketing organization works,  and you will have identified some actions that you can take to elevate your career to achieve your ambition. So,  have fun and enjoy the learning journey, and know that we will be with you throughout the entire time to help. 

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