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Online Employee Training Programs for Teams

We guide learners through cohort-based learning pathways built in partnership with the world’s top academic institutions — all to help businesses navigate change from the inside out.

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We harness learning's power to create resilient companies.

Recruit. Retain. Develop.

Open Access

Accessible online employee training programs for your workforce, boosting retainment and growing employee skill sets.

  • Provide Quality Learning Experiences
    Provide access to high-quality programs from 60 top-tier universities across the United States, Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia, India, and China.
  • Grow Employee Skill Sets
    Allow employees at all levels to choose programs that fit their schedule and help them learn in-demand skills across trending categories.
  • Manage Enrollment, Payments, and Analytics
    Select your desired enrollment process and payment method and monitor engagement in a simple dashboard.
  • Attract Top Talent
    Offer education as a benefit to build equitable pools of talent for your most critical roles.


Tailored, intensive programs to upskill and reskill your teams as business needs change.

  • Accelerate Transformation
    Accelerate digital transformation to enable teams with critical business, technical, and human skills.
  • Engage and Retain
    Drive engagement and retention by investing in your employees across every career level.
  • Build Adaptable Talent
    Embed learning as a tool into your current ecosystem of employee development to boost flexibility in the workplace.
  • Achieve Strategic Business Goals
    Deliver on your organizational goals by developing the key skills for your most critical business initiatives.
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Our online employee training programs span across

learner audiences, modality, and topic.

Online Certifications

Short course experiences from our world-class portfolio designed for working professionals at all levels to upskill and boost productivity in current roles or to begin the learning journey for future roles.

Duration: 1-3 months

Time Commitment: 4-6 hrs/wk

Cost: $2K – $6K

Group enrollment pricing and private cohorts available.

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Professional Certifications

Targeted skill-building and reskilling certification programs built for early-career professionals, career switches, and mid-career professionals that include success coaches, industry mentors, and career coaches to ensure positive outcomes.

Duration: 4-8 months

Time Commitment: 10-15 hrs/wk

Cost: $6K – $8K

Group enrollment pricing and private cohorts available.

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Senior Executive Programs

Strategic online programs for senior executives and emerging leaders across industries who seek to design competitive strategies in a global context, promote continuous innovation, and overcome obstacles to drive growth and value creation.

Duration: 9-12 months

Time Commitment: 5 hrs/wk

Cost: $25K – $30K

Group enrollment pricing and private cohorts available.

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Degree Programs

Online degree programs approved by the State Education Department for aspiring college graduates to post-graduates seeking an MBA. Employers only reimburse credit-bearing courses and students are eligible for institutional, state, and federal financial aid.

Duration: 1-5 years

Time Commitment: Varies

Cost: $10K – $200K

Group enrollment pricing and private cohorts available.

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Our building blocks for

successful learning outcomes

While Small Private Online Courses (SPOCs) overall vary in format, what sets them apart at Emeritus is their unique approach to teaching and learning. At Emeritus, our online employee training programs are designed to provide both theoretical knowledge and tangible skills for professionals facing real-world problems. Our model combines synchronous (live) and asynchronous (self-paced) learning, allowing students to connect with their peers while balancing their personal and professional lives. Small class sizes mean that hands-on work—both individual and in groups—is overseen by professors and experts in the field.

Business leaders have the option to select a program and create a private cohort for their team. A private cohort provides the organization with a secure learning environment for their employees only. Within this private experience, the Emeritus Enterprise team and business stakeholders can tailor a specific employee training program to address internal needs to maximize impact. The course leader, case studies used, and participant exercises are examples of contextual course elements that can be customized.

Learning leaders responsible for the success of the workforce training programs they invest in can easily manage the flow of employee interest and learner engagement though a company portal that does not require integration with existing systems. Organizations can choose to prepay for course enrollments and direct specific employees through the process, or allow employees to enroll themselves and follow their company tuition reimbursement policy. The portal allows stakeholders to approve or reject interest in a program, enroll employees easily, and access an engagement dashboard to effectively measure success.

Our impact

Learner Feedback

believe the course format was flexible for work-life balance
got new opportunities at work
believe the learnings could be immediately applied to their work
believe the program had a positive impact on their professional development

Business Results

felt more prepared skill-wise to meet future demand
felt more likely to be first to market
saw greater employee productivity
saw a better response to customer needs

Our latest insights

Changing lives across industries

Recruit, retain, and grow talent

Learn how your business can:

  • Build diverse, equitable pools of talent with education as a benefit
  • Identify and close skill gaps across regions, languages, and disciplines
  • Leverage short courses, bootcamps, and senior executive programs
  • Create tailored learning pathways or customize private cohorts

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