Course Preview: Imperial Sustainability Leadership Programme

31 October 2022

[Video Transcript] Imperial Sustainability Leadership Programme

Programme introduction 

Welcome to this programme and to your unique learning journey towards sustainability presented to you by the Leonardo Centre and the Executive Education Department at the Imperial College in London. The fact that you are here shows that you share our view that a programme like this is needed now. We are facing unprecedented challenges on a global scale and business is at the center of attention. We need corporate transformation action, and we designed this programme to give you the best possible preparation to face these challenges in the corporate context you are living and working in and to become a transformation change leader yourself. 

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For this purpose, we lined up a great group of more than 30 experts from all different fields. There are business scholars from strategy, finance, HR, leadership, and innovation. You will enjoy the contributions of climate change scientists, technology and health experts, neuroscientists, large system change activists, and thought leaders from the corporate world who will join us for content contributions or interviews. The programme is based on the latest research results which will be presented to you in videos, research papers, and reports also based, for instance, on the golden digital database, which is currently expanded and refined with machine learning technology at the Leonardo Centre at the Imperial College. 

Every module will challenge you to bring new tasks to the table, to read and go through case studies in which you can prove your knowledge and your creativity. The red thread through all eleven modules is our capstone project in which you will keep on moving and expanding through all the twelve core modules and hopefully come up with a roadmap at the end, and even with a pitch to a leader in your organisation to organise a change initiative in your own company. Additionally, we prepared an alternative parallel learning journey for you which is based on deep introspection and meditation. 

This stream of content is based on neuroscience research projects showing the very interesting results that meditation can stimulate your brain in a way that improves your social and environmental consciousness without even including information on sustainability. In our live sessions, you will have the opportunity to engage with your fellow course participants and with lecturers directly online to engage in discussions. 

In addition to this core program, we'll offer you specialisation programmes. They are five modules long and will provide you with deeper insights into several environmental and societal challenges. 

All in all, we are convinced that this comprehensive core course of twelve modules provides deep insights, applied practical skills, and knowledge enabling you to become a transformational leader in your own organization and in your own environment. We hope you enjoy it. 

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