Course Preview: Global Supply Chain Management Program at Wharton

28 October 2022

[Video Transcript] Global Supply Chain Management Program at Wharton

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Hi and welcome to our program on global supply chains. The goal of this program is to equip you to better understand and make decisions with respect to supply chains. We'll start initially by understanding what are the main challenges faced by global supply chains. Then,  we'll go and build fundamentals, both to understand the strategic view of these and the more tactical view of these. Then, later on, we'll get to specific topics. We'll talk about global sourcing.  How do we find a place for the right suppliers?   How do we manage the unique risks associated with global supply chains? How do we build the capability within the firm to do that? And finally, we'll get into topics such as ESG; how do we make sure that we have a compliant and sustainable supply chain? And how do we go about digitizing our supply chain? Overall, the goal of this course is, on one side, to provide you with a theoretical framework to think about that, but also with each and every module, to make sure you can take and apply it to your organization, so you can actually be a better decision maker when it comes to supply chains. We'll see more of that throughout this program. [End of Video Transcript]

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