Course Preview : Machine Learning: Fundamentals and Algorithms at Carnegie Mellon University

24 November 2022

[Video Transcript] Machine Learning: Fundamentals and Algorithms at Carnegie Mellon University

Hello, and welcome to the program. I hope you're ready to begin because we're excited to bring you behind the scenes of this amazing new world of machine learning that we're living in. To get started, I'd like to tell you a bit about what you can expect from this program over the next several weeks.

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First, the program is composed of 10 modules. Interleaved throughout these modules, you'll find activities and assessments that allow you to both practice key concepts and apply the methods covered in the lectures.
In addition, this program requires a 10-part programming assignment to be completed in stages alongside each module.
Let's talk for a minute about what this machine-learning program is really about though. Because ultimately, your experience here is about advancing your working knowledge of key machine-learning techniques, developing your ability to combine and implement these techniques, and learning how and when to apply these methods to solve real-world problems.
You'll use Python to complete the program activities, and our hope is that you'll learn how to successfully build, implement, and test machine learning algorithms, as you might expect to do in professional research and development scenarios. To accomplish all of this, we'll focus on helping you to actually create tools and software for prediction on unseen data, analyze learning algorithms for classification, regression, and clustering, and also to use concepts from probability, statistics, linear algebra, calculus, and optimization to describe and refine the inner workings of machine learning algorithms.
So as you move through the program, remember that you are a part of a global cohort, from a wide variety of cultural and professional backgrounds. We hope you'll use this opportunity to leverage these resources to compare notes and network with your colleagues in this program.
This program includes 24-hour support for technical issues through program support. Experienced learning facilitators will respond to content increases to further your learning. These resources are available for your benefit, so please take advantage of them if you need help. We hope you're ready to go, so let's get started.
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