Course Preview: Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing at Kellogg Executive Education

18 August 2022

[Video Transcript] Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing at Kellogg Executive Education

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Welcome to the Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing. This program is going to provide you with an end-to-end view of strategy and implementation of digital marketing. And it is going to prepare you to become a professional digital marketer. Your learning journey will consist of four phases. In phase one, we'll talk about customer understanding and segmentation. In phase two, we'll focus on content, social media, and search engine strategy. In phase three, we're going to talk about digital channels, strategy, and execution. And in phase four, we're going to focus on experimentation, optimization, and marketing automation, and artificial intelligence. And all of this is going to be quarterbacked and anchored with a capstone project, which will involve creating a digital portfolio.

So, let's dig into what these phases entail. In the first phase, you're going to gain an overview of what's going on in digital marketing, what does the landscape look like, and what are the different roles that digital marketers play. You'll start with a working understanding of traditional marketing principles and practices, but then we're going to look at how this traditional marketing techniques and frameworks are being applied and adapted in the digital world. You will explore a variety of research methods and techniques that allow you to do customer segmentation and personalize your marketing effort. This segmentation and personalization allows you to craft content and marketing initiatives with greater precision and greater relevance. In the next phase, we're going to dig into understanding customers and the content that we need to create to engage with customers.

The key idea here is to match content to customer intent. We'll also talk about how you plan your storytelling strategies and what are the best practices in search engine optimization or organic search, search engine marketing, or which is also got paid search, and we'll look at social media. We're going to see how you utilize digital and social platforms for customer engagement by mapping the customer journey and by creating content that moves customers through the customer journey with content that matches their expectations and tells a rich and relevant brand story. In the third phase, we're going to look at specifics like email marketing and other digital channels to generate marketing campaigns to engage with customers. We're going to get tactical about how we use metrics and measurement from different platforms, like Google Analytics, to evaluate the performance of your marketing campaigns. Finally, we'll touch on an important subject, which is, how do we accelerate marketing initiatives by applying agile principles?

In the fourth and final phase, you're going to learn about marketing experimentation because you need to constantly iterate and test and learn and adapt. So, how do you do marketing experimentation? How do you figure out what aspects of your marketing are working better, the concept or marketing attribution, and how do you optimize conversion rates? You're also going to learn about the frontiers of using artificial intelligence applications in order to improve the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives. Now, an important component of this learning experience and your learning journey is the capstone project. The capstone project is really a digital marketing portfolio. Think of this as demonstrated capability that you can keep as something that you can show or takeaway.

You're going to keep track of your takeaways and form your implementation strategy in a weekly journal that we call the digital initiative journal. This will allow you to apply the knowledge that you're gaining from the previous modules to complete an industry-related capstone project relevant to your company or your job. That, along with the certifications that you'll get on the different digital platforms, will become your digital marketing portfolio. So, this portfolio will allow you to demonstrate to your current employer and to future employer, the skills that you've acquired and the work that you've done and your ability to apply the digital marketing concepts effectively to marketing problems. So, this Digital Initiative journal, the way this is going to work is that every week you're going to write out an action plan for how you apply the skills of each module to the project that you're going to do in the last phase.

So, each journal entry will include a future goal for improving upon a specific skill or a metric. At the end of each week, you're going to ask yourself, what have I done in this module? What are some key takeaways? And what are some things that you would like to improve on, and how will you implement these ideas and these frameworks for your capstone, which is the final project? A few words of advice as you embark on this learning journey. Over the next six months, you're going to need to work really hard. You're going to have to make a significant commitment to this rather demanding learning journey. However, if you invest the effort, I'm really confident it's going to be well worth it. So, you're making a big investment of time, you're making a big investment of money in this program. Please make the best of it. So, all the best as you embark on this learning journey.

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