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Reach Your Transformation Goals

Learning Pathways for Three Audiences

Build employee skills across all levels of business to plan for and launch your data transformation.

Strategy Icon

Strategy:Lead the Tech Transformation

Senior executives, non-technical and technical leaders, and managers

Capability Areas

  • Embracing the Future of Tech
  • Business Model Innovation
  • The Business of AI
  • Building a Strong Technology Foundation
  • Accelerating New Tech Adoption
  • Product Strategy
Mastery Icon

Mastery:Deliver the Tech Transformation

Experienced practitioners and new talent

Capability Areas

  • Inspiring Technical Teams
  • Core Engineering
  • Emerging Technology
  • Advanced Product Management
  • Accelerating New Tech Adoption
  • AI/ML Foundations
Literacy Icon

Literacy:Understand the Tech Transformation


Capability Areas

  • Agile Development
  • Data Storytelling
  • Demystifying New Tech Trends
  • Launching New Products to Market
  • AI and Data Science for Everyone

Tech Academy Customization Options

By partnering with Emeritus Enterprise, you can customize your online program to align with organizational needs.

Hold Live Events

Live virtual sessions in the form of webinars, office hours, and coaching from faculty or an industry subject-matter expert

Assess and Measure

Skills-based and behavioral assessments, customized measurement approaches, and strategies to track progress

Tailor Content

A curriculum closely aligned with your learners’ needs through industry-specific materials, capstone projects, and more

Provide Tech Support

LXP/LMS integration and SSO for access to a learning platform and course catalog, plus a company-branded learning portal

Build Career Paths

Defined career pathways and milestones to increase engagement and transparency around skills tied to jobs

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