Ikigai: the Japanese way of life to lead happier, longer, and more purposeful lives

26 September 2022

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Do Things You Love To Live Longer

Insights From 'Ikigai' by Francesc Miralles and Hector Garcia


If you do things that make you happy, you will be, well... happy.

It's quintessentially Japanese, and the rough translation of the concept of Ikigai.

So why does this need an entire book?

Because ikigai is not just a word, it is a philosophy.

It is about finding one's passion, having a purpose, or, simply, a ‘reason for being.’

Ikigai is also, perhaps, the reason why people on the tiny island of Okinawa in Japan live longer, healthier, and happier lives than anywhere else in the world, say Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles, authors of the book Ikigai.

Out of every 100,000 people on the island, around 25 people live over the age of 100 – far more than the global average.

Garcia and Miralles decided to visit Okinawa to to figure out why this island had more centenarians than anywhere else in the world.

A few things stood out.

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The inhabitants ate balanced diets – full of vegetables and fruits.

They also led active lifestyles, even after retirement.

They exercised – moderately, but regularly.

But that wasn't all.

It was the feeling of being part of a community, a shared spirit of teamwork, and a sense of being there for one another.

This was their ikigai – the spirit of living in the moment, and cherishing each new day.

How do you get your Ikigai, both at home and at work?

Let’s find out in this series.

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