Insights From Peter Drucker On Being The CEO Of Your Career

12 December 2022

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Be The CEO Of Your Career

Insights From 'Managing Oneself' by Peter F. Drucker


Peter Drucker is often referred to as the Father of Management.

I mean, he predicted the Age of Information coining the term ‘knowledge worker’ and detailed the moves towards decentralization and outsourcing long before anyone else did.

Hi, I am Paul Smith, author of the books - Lead With A Story and The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell.

And in 1999, with Managing Oneself, a long-cherished Harvard Business Review classic essay which was published as a book, Drucker transferred his brilliance from spotting macro trends to directly help you be the best professional you can be.

To be the CEO of your own career.

The few short lessons that follow will take you through the importance of:

Focusing on your strengths.

Managing your performance.

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Understanding your values to figure out where you belong.

How best to contribute and work with others.

And take charge of the second half of your life.

The sum total of all these lessons, really, is the core of the book:

That the secret to best and most effectively manage what Drucker calls a 50-year-career is in truly understanding yourself.

And, in the process, your life.

Let’s get started.

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