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2 December 2022

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The Key To Productivity

Insights from 'The Productivity Project' by Chris Bailey

Most people think of productivity as an increase in efficiency.

In today's world, it actually translates into how much you can accomplish by the end of the day, week, or year.

At the center of these productivity gains is managing your time, attention, and energy.

Managing your time is necessary because otherwise, you'll find yourself putting off productive work for other things.

If you monitor how you spend your time, you'll discover how likely you are to procrastinate and conversely, how wisely you use your time.

When you learn to manage your attention, you're able to avoid distractions and do your work more mindfully.

With each task, consider what you're focusing on, how steady that focus is and if you're easily distracted.

Last, when you're able to manage your energy, you avoid burning out.

Think about how much you're motivated to do a given task and how your energy levels fluctuate while doing it.

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These three things are at the center of why productivity tactics could work for you.

With these three things, keep in mind the following, remember that all tasks are not created equal.

You can accomplish doing far more work when you do things like plan out your week or automate repetitive tasks.

You end up being much less productive when you focus on tasks like checking your email repeatedly or participating in pointless meetings.

This is especially true when you think of finishing that big presentation or filing your taxes instead.

These are obvious examples of the kinds of tasks you want to spend your time on to improve your productivity.

When evaluating the tasks you have for the day, determine which activities have the highest impact.

Just because something shows up on your to-do list, or it's in your inbox, it doesn't mean you should spend time on it today, or even in some cases spend any time on it.

As emphasized in The Productivity Project, focus on your highest-impact tasks and how you manage your time, your attention, and energy.

Learning these three basics is the best foundation for starting your productivity journey.

Work smarter and more mindfully and you'll be on your way to meeting your productivity goals.


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