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22 September 2022

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Arianna Huffington

Insights From 'Founders Over 30'


For someone who is a wellbeing, work-life balance advocate, ironically, the secret behind Arianna Huffington's drive is that she never stops.

Born Ariadne-Anna Stasinopoulou in 1950, she has slipped into the roles of entrepreneur, author, columnist and political commentator over the course of her life.

In 2005, she made her way to the left of the political spectrum and founded The Huffington Post along with Kenneth Lerer and Jonah Peretti.

She turned 55 that year.

The eponymous Huffington Post has been Arianna's biggest success story so far.

Originally created as a counterpart to The Drudge Report, a conservative website founded by Matt Drudge, Huffington Post later expanded into business and entertainment along with news and politics.

From 2011, Arianna served as the president and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post Media Group.

"I had assumed Huffington Post would be my last chapter," says the 70-year-old.

But it never is a full stop for Huffington.

Wanting to turn her passion for well-being into "something that would help people", Arianna founded Thrive Global.

"It was a call to action I just couldn't ignore." Turning experiences both good and bad into positivity seems to be Huffington's forte.

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After suffering a severe case of burnout in 2007 that led to a collapse and injuries, she took note and slowed down.

She wrote two books, Thrive and The Sleep Revolution, and eventually launched Thrive Global with the intent to work on the connection between well-being and performance.

Her own work ethic revolves not around the concept of "success", but rather the balance between work and life.

"To tap into our own creativity, we need to slow down. Without creativity there is no innovation."

Setting up two companies after the age of 50, writing 15 books, a stint in politics as a candidate, and her role as commentator has often seen her on Time and Forbes's list of influential people.

But at the core of it all is a woman who learned that to keep moving, one must also pause and breathe.

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