Learn How To Overcome Fear To Become More Resilient

9 September 2022

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Overcome The Fear

Insights From 'Harnessing The Power Of Resilience'


It's the fear that keeps us trapped in that place.

It's the fear of--in terms of the brain cancer--it's.

"How do I let go of Richard before cancer and accept the fact that this is where I am because of this fear of what's going to happen.

Am I really going to die within six months’ time?

What is going to happen to my two little girls?

What is going to happen in my life?

What is going to happen to me physically?

Am I going to lose my faculties?

This thing is in my brain."

And that fear is very often what keeps us trapped in that place.

So, for us to deal with that fear, we first have to accept that this is what it is and how we're going to move forward.

So, I decided at that point in time that I was going to enter a full Ironman with stage 4 brain cancer.

That was me thinking that I needed to escape the finite box of thinking that very often we subject ourselves to.

It was the thinking, the finite thinking of the specialists that said, Richard, you've got six months to live.

Richard, this is the treatment you're going to have. This is how your body is going to cope with it.

This is what you can eat. This is what you can't eat.

This is what you can drink, what you can't drink.

This is the exercise that you can or can't do.

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And the minute we focus on that very finite idea of the rules and restrictions of this game of life or game in business or game and health, um, it prevents us from looking at the opportunities and the possibilities that exist within any crisis or with any obstacle that we are faced with.

An obstacle is the thing that you see when you take your eyes off the goal and for me the goal had to be if I can get to the finish line of a full Ironman, I'm going to beat brain cancer.

If I can get to the finish line of a full Ironman, I'm proving to my two little girls that their dad is going to be fine.

What is that thinking? The slogan for Ironman is anything is possible.

And I believe that for anything in life, whether that's business, whether it's personal, anything is possible if you just believe it.

And then obviously you've got to put the steps in place and that's where resilience comes in but the resilience, in terms of thinking, to say that I, I refuse to accept that this is all there is and this is the box of my life, and the resilient thinking is saying,

Hold on two seconds, I'm backing myself.

I know myself better than anybody else.

I'm backing myself; anything is possible and let me challenge that idea of what is possible for me.

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