Learn How To Take Ownership From Navy Seals

21 November 2022

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Leadership Lessons From War

Insights from 'Extreme Ownership' by Jocko Willink And Leif Babin


Movies are made on them and their missions.

They are the elite of the US military and their training program is so tough that its name says it all – Hell Week.

You know who I’m talking about -- US Navy SEAL (sea, air, land) teams, the special operations stars of the Iraq war.

You don’t usually know of SEALs by name(They are the special ops, remember?), but Jocko Willink and Leif Babin are an exception.

The former SEALs were in the thick of some of the most violent battles in the Iraq War.

Willink headed SEAL Team 3 Task Unit Bruiser, the most highly decorated special operations unit of the war.

Babin was one of the two platoon leaders who reported to him.

Nothing like a war to teach you leadership lessons, where your decisions can spell victory, or death, or worse.

Willink and Babin learnt their lessons firsthand, applying the principles and mindset that make SEALs stand out from the rest of us.

To make it easy for us non-SEALs to learn those same lessons, Willink and Babin wrote their first book, Extreme Ownership.

The former SEALs say combat leadership principles are just as applicable in the ordinary world.

After all, being a good leader, looking after your team, communicating frequently and effectively and setting high standards adds up to a formula for success in any field, right?

Now leadership consultants, Willink and Babin’s most important lesson is profound in its simplicity – as leader, you need to own everything about your mission.

No excuses, no blaming others, no complaints about challenges from within or outside your environment.

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If something goes wrong, figure out how to fix it.

Don’t make the same mistake a second time.

Just get the job done.

The success of your mission is all that counts.

Easier said than done, of course.

Which is why they had to write a book to explain it further.

In the following episodes, we’ll tell you more about how you can make absolute ownership a part of your life.

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