Learn The Dreamlining Tool By Tim Ferriss To Connect All Your Goals Into One Big Picture

1 September 2022

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Start Dreamlining

Insights From 'The 4-Hour Workweek' by Tim Ferriss


So you have articulated your goals. What next, you wonder.

Time to get organized using a tool Tim Ferriss calls Dreamlining. It’s a framework that will take all those seemingly unconnected goals and put them together to form one complete picture.

This complete picture is your “dream life”.

You start with...

Creating two timelines - for goals that can be achieved in 6 months and of those that can be achieved in 12 months. Then you list up to five goals within each timeline.

These can belong to these three categories:

A) Having: this is including but not limited to material desires such as a house, a car or clothes.

B) Being: list things you want to learn or become--like a great yoga practitioner, fluent in a language, a storyteller.

C) Doing: activities you’d like to indulge in. For instance, visiting France, climbing a mountain, training a tiger?

Pick out four items, or dreams, closest to your heart from the having, being and doing lists. Those that would truly change your life.

Add up the total cost for making them happen. Divide this figure by either 6 or 12 depending on which timeline you are considering.

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Slap on your regular monthly expenses on top of that cost — phone, rent, WiFi and food, for example.

To this, add an additional 30 percent of your monthly expenses -- for emergencies.

Now that you have the grand total for your Target Monthly Expenses (TME), divide this by 30 and you will get your Target Daily Expenses (TDE).

Here’s the shocker--this figure is probably way lower than you had imagined. The lesson:

What you need to earn on a monthly or daily basis to achieve your dream lifestyle is often lower than what you assumed.

Don’t take Ferriss’ word for it. Visit - www.fourhourblog.com and get your dream-lining worksheet too.

In short, how dreamlining works is: You define your Big Four dreams, calculate their cost and determine the steps to achieve them.

A tip: Keep the timelines tight -- the longer the deadline, the longer you are going to wait to make it happen!

In this case, either 6 month or 12 months was the deadline…achievable, simple.

Also, important to achieving your dream life is defining and addressing your nightmares.

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