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Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education launches the Digital Transformation Programme in collaboration with Emeritus

16 January 2024 | Emeritus

CAMBRIDGE, UK: Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education announces the launch of its six-week Digital Transformation Programme. Designed to prepare today’s leaders and senior managers to drive effective transformation initiatives in the digital age, this online programme imparts innovative strategies that participants can use to help their organisations remain competitive and build a sustainable platform for the future. Launched in collaboration with Emeritus, a global leader in making high-quality education accessible and affordable, enrolment is now open for a March 2024 start.

Research shows that having the right mix of leadership skills is positively associated with transformation success, with visionary thinking, strategy, agility and data-driven decision-making among the top capabilities needed. The expert faculty at Cambridge Judge Business School offer a unique opportunity to learn digital transformation from start to finish, bridging the gap between strategy and implementation. Live sessions offer deep dives into emerging topics, including managing people and teams in the AI-enabled workplace and leveraging complementary business partnerships. Scenario-based learning, case studies and crowdsourcing infuse the programme with real-world insights, giving participants the depth needed to make an immediate impact on digital initiatives in their organisations.

“AI and other technologies afford businesses fundamentally new ways of creating, capturing and delivering value. Regardless of role, business area or industry, every manager needs to develop an understanding of the organisational transformations that accompany the introduction of these technologies and how to manage them”, said Stella Pachidi, PhD, Assistant Professor in Information Systems at Cambridge Judge Business School. “The Digital Transformation Programme gives leaders the opportunity to dig into the nuances of fostering a culture and mindset of transformation and implementing change.”

With digitalisation a top business priority, there is a clear opportunity for those who can successfully develop and execute a digital vision while addressing emergent obstacles. Topics covered in the programme include assessing the need and capacity for digital transformation, leveraging open innovation, preparing for the future of work and effectively managing digital transformation.

“The human component of digital transformation has been greatly underestimated. If you look at the success stories, one of the most striking commonalities is exceptional digital leadership,” said Mike Malefakis, President of University Partnerships at Emeritus. “We are delighted to collaborate with Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education to equip business leaders and senior managers with innovative, people-centric approaches to change management and digital transformation.”

The programme starts on 7 March 2024 and is open for enrolment through Emeritus. For more information, visit the programme website.

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