Emeritus Expands Its Commitment to Making High-Quality Education Accessible and Affordable through Its New Professional Certificate in Instructional Design

Taught by instructional design experts at Emeritus, the program teaches professionals the science of creating learning solutions that drive measurable impact for their organizations

Emeritus recently expanded its commitment to making high-quality education accessible, and affordable through its new Professional Certificate in Instructional Design, giving professionals looking for instructional design roles, a firsthand opportunity to learn cutting-edge best practices from Emeritus’s own instructional design experts. Emeritus has more than 300 professionals in instructional design and an internal Instructional Design Institute.

Instructional design is a discipline that applies principles and best practices from the learning sciences (e.g., education and psychology) to engineer the desired performance. It involves analyzing performance problems, determining whether instructional or non-instructional solutions are appropriate, and designing a solution or solutions to help people achieve performance goals. “Companies are quickly recognizing that their people are an invaluable corporate resource. This program in instructional design puts learning and development front and center,” says Erin Rosenblatt, Vice President, Online Certificates and Professional Certificates. “Learning professionals with a strong suite of instructional design skills are one of today’s most in-demand roles.” In 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projected job growth of 9 percent in instructional design during the next 10 years, higher than average for all other career fields.

Dr. Karen Mahon, Senior Director, Global Design at the Emeritus Institute of Management, is excited to be leading the program, the first of its kind offered by Emeritus. “Emeritus programs are designed to help individuals learn new skills and drive transformation in their lives, organizations, and the greater world,” reports Dr. Mahon. “This program enables Emeritus to share its expertise in instructional design firsthand, equipping participants with core competencies and leading insights in the field.”

The program also offers participants the opportunity to learn and network with a global cohort of peers. “Our learning model offers an advantage,” comments Dr. Mahon. “Cohort-based learning immerses participants in instructional design, making their learning experience more meaningful and allowing them to exchange ideas and more fully embrace their newfound knowledge and skills.”

More than 250,000 individuals in over 80+ countries have already benefited from Emeritus’s unique state-of-the-art technology, curriculum innovation, and hands-on instruction from senior faculty, mentors, and coaches through its collaborations with more than 70 top-tier universities. At 80 percent, Emeritus’s average program completion rate significantly outperforms that of other online programs, which globally has been as low as 13 percent. We achieve this by delivering high-quality, cohort-based learning experiences that ensure participants complete and succeed in their learning journey. 

The Professional Certificate in Instructional Design offers participants a five-month hands-on curriculum to equip them with the analytical and design skills necessary in instructional design roles, regardless of the technology or delivery system they need. At the end of the program, participants will walk away with a job-ready portfolio, highlighting a sample of their design work, and supporting documentation, to share with potential employers.

The program is geared toward all professionals interested in increasing the effectiveness of their learning solutions to help people bridge performance gaps and learn more effectively, as well as teachers and other educators who would like to transition into the high-growth field.

The next cohort of the online program begins on February 28, 2023, and tuition is $5,500. For more information about this program, please click here 

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US +1-606-268-4575