Improve Data Management Skills Through Online Courses and Training Programs

What is Data Management?

In businesses across the board, data is crucial to strategic decision-making that drives growth. This is precisely what data management facilitates through the ingestion, processing, securing, and storage of organizational data. In the last decade, big data has seen exponential growth with advancements in cloud technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and edge computing, thus furthering the complexity of the data generated. Companies, therefore, need data management to address challenges, mitigate risks of data breaches, and process the data to glean actionable insights.

Furthermore, data management empowers organizations to probe deeper into complex issues by leveraging analytical competencies, such as machine learning. The resultant learnings can be scaled across the organization, through automation, to enhance operational efficiency, generate higher revenues, and safeguard the company’s standing in a competitive and rapidly-evolving market.

Why is Data Management Important?

Data is one of the strongest corporate assets at present. In this regard, data management is vital to the full utilization of its potential to make informed decisions, improve marketing and business strategies, optimize operations, and reduce expenditure. In the absence of data management, companies are likely to be riddled with incompatible data silos, inconsistent datasets, quality issues, and other problems that hinder their growth and analytics applications.

The importance of data management also gains footing in the wake of increasing regulatory compliance requirements, such as data privacy and protection laws. In addition, every single day, organizations are collating larger, heavier, and a wide variety of datasets. In such a situation, they must deploy data management solutions to navigate an otherwise demanding information landscape. Only then is it possible for businesses to thrive in a data-driven world that is as volatile as it is rewarding.

Can I Learn About Data Management Online?

Owing to the growing need for data management, several resources, such as podcasts, online seminars, and books written by experts, abound. However, in the present day, online data management courses have gained immense traction. Offered by some of the most renowned institutions in the world, they are relatively affordable and cater to learners at all levels of proficiency. These courses are taught by industry experts and also provide ample opportunities to network. Last but not the least, many of them include certification in data management, thus significantly boosting one’s employability.

What Kind of Career Can I Get with a Background in Data Management?

The career outlook for data management is a bright one, with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting a 23% rise in employment rates between 2021 and 2031 in the broad field of operations research analysts, of which data management is a part. This field offers growth opportunities for career advancement along with lucrative salary packages.

Potential Job Roles in Data Management

  • Data Architect
  • Data Modeler
  • Database Administrator
  • Database Developer
  • Data Quality Analyst
  • Data Integration Developers
  • Data Governance Managers
  • Data Engineers

Why Take an Online Course at Emeritus?

Each Emeritus online course is designed keeping key learning outcomes in mind by a team of experts. We use the backward design methodology to develop instruction for learners of all ages. This enables us to craft unique, interactive, learning experiences that include a combination of assessments, hands-on activities, skill application, and more.

Emeritus also collaborates with the best universities and faculty around the world to curate the course curriculum that can effectively tackle present challenges in the industry, while preparing you for the trends and risks in the future. Our courses consist of assignments, exams, capstone projects, networking opportunities, a fine balance of practical and theoretical concepts, and the opportunity to learn from top minds in the industry. This adds to the holistic experience we try to provide for each learner.

We are also focused on providing courses that are standardized in quality. This is done by adhering to standards set by a global organization called Quality Matters which is focused on providing quality standards for online and innovative digital teaching and learning environments. The rigorous criteria ensure all our learners invest in quality education that is easily accessible and affordable.