10 reasons why INSEAD ILPSE is a transformational learning journey

10 reasons why INSEAD ILPSE is a transformational learning journey | General | Emeritus

For over a glorious decade, INSEAD Leadership Programme for Senior Executives — India (ILPSE) has proved to be extremely pivotal in the development, progress and success of its participants. The programme has enlightened and enriched their career journeys, extended their horizons, and has provided them with paths to new and exciting possibilities.

Transformation, both personal and professional, is delicately woven into the fabric of the programme, and here are 10 reasons why we believe ILPSE can help you spark a change:

  1. Experience symbiotic learning: It’s not just the faculty you learn from, ILPSE also provides you with the unique opportunity to derive perspectives and knowhow from the vast and varied experiences of a handpicked cohort of peers. Over the past decade, 500+ alumni with a cumulative work experience of 10,000+ years have graduated from the program. Simran Thukral, an alumnus of the programme, recognises this and adds, “The cohort is amazing! It’s a great mix of people from different industries, backgrounds and levels. So you learn not just from the faculty, but also from the cohort — which is a larger learning opportunity, because you get to understand what’s happening in their individual industries, and how they handle issues and solve problems. Overall, it’s a win-win.”
  2. Modules that mould you: Participants have delightfully discovered that many of the programme’s modules such as, the Blue Ocean Strategy module and the Beneath the Surface module, to name but two, have had a tremendous impact on their growth. Reneta Kripalani, a current participant, says this about the Beneath the Surface module, “The three-day workshop was one of most cathartic experiences of my life. It helped me understand my own unconscious patterns, and consciously allowed me to tap into them — giving not just my professional, but also my personal growth tremendous fillip. It has not just equipped me to be a better leader, but made me a better person too.”
  3. The right faculty for the right results: This programme lets you draw invaluable insights and knowledge from the boundless experience and expertise of over 20 world-class faculty members and guest speakers, who in turn let you leverage INSEAD’s global thought leadership, and arm you with a dynamic set of skills as you prepare to readily assume challenging leadership roles. Yogesh Jain, an ILPSE alumnus, highlights the importance of the programme’s faculty and says, “The faculty members leave a lasting impression on you. It’s not simply about what they teach, it’s also about how they communicate that to you, and how you end up applying that knowledge.”
  4. A deep dive into the self: The power to change, to progress, and move forward dwells within each of us, and ILPSE can help you delve deep into yourself to discover it, and then use it to fulfill your leadership ambitions. Rahul Mishra, an alumnus, keenly experienced this, and adds, “For me, personally, the programme has helped me understand my key strengths, which sometimes are not that obvious to me. I can now take this wisdom with me, and continue learning as I grow.“
  5. Practice what is preached: By virtue of its construct, with aspects such as Business Leadership Interview (BLI) and Individual Development Plan (IDP) built in, ILPSE allows you to learn while you work, and this in turn allows you to apply what you learn at the workplace. An alumnus of the programme, Shalu Maheshwari, speaking about this element adds, “ILPSE lets you complete a module, and then gives you the advantage of taking that knowledge to the workplace, and immediately practicing what you’ve learnedThis lets you test it and adapt it accordingly.”
  6. Global learning for global leadership: With immersions in INSEAD’s global campuses in Fontainebleau (France), Singapore and Abu Dhabi, as well as the added benefit of gaining game-changing insights from renowned and esteemed global faculty, ILPSE opens your eyes to new international possibilities and ideas which not only revolutionise your thinking and outlook, but embolden you to be a true global leader who can take on the world.
  7. Take the leap: Many participants have found the programme to be worth its weight in gold when it came to helping them take the next leap in their entrepreneurship and careers. Aditi Sood, an alumnus, elaborates on this very aspect when she says, “I think it provides you with a great platform from which you can reach new career-levels. The programme gives you the relevant inputs, it challenges your thought process., and prepares you to take that next leap in your career. That’s one of the reasons why I eventually chose ILPSE.”
  8. Geared towards growth: ILPSE allows you to explore, grow and mature further with an Individual Development Plan. This is a process which helps you use what you have learned in a module so as to to generate better results. The plan is a means to an end, as it lets senior executives in your organization recognise your steady progress through the careful application of ILPSE knowledge, and therefore esteem your suitability for interesting and challenging leadership roles.
  9. Expansive & engaging alumni network: With automatic admittance into the INSEAD Alumni network, ILPSE participants will be readily ushered into an exclusive club of high-achievers, consisting of over 59,000 leaders from over 166 countries. What’s more, with over 900 alumni events held each year, the learning, collaboration and exploration of new opportunities, prospects and possibilities never stop when the programme ends, but merely continues in perpetuity, as you enrich and are enriched by this inspirational and diverse network.
  10. 10 years of championing change: This programme has transformed and continues to play a transformatory role in the lives and careers of many of its participants since its institution a decade ago. That’s why so many of them, including Preeti Jain, wholeheartedly recommend the programme to others when she says, “If you are looking at taking your career to the next level, whether it’s a lateral or a vertical move, or if you’re thinking about starting your own business, I would strongly recommend that you consider ILPSE, because it provides you with a holistic idea about what you need so as to achieve your goals. I feel that while we are in a role for a long time, we sometimes fail to understand what it takes to reach the next level. We therefore need the help of the best professors, and also a good network of people who have gone on that journey in order to progress.”

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