Emeritus Global Career Impact Survey Shows 94% of Learners See a Positive Impact on Their Career

Emeritus Global Career Impact Survey Shows 94% of Learners See a Positive Impact on Their Career | Learning with Emeritus | Emeritus

The Emeritus Global Career Impact Survey 2022 — our second — is here. And it highlights that over 90% of the Emeritus learners interviewed have seen a positive impact on their careers and organizations after completing their learning journey. Reinforcing the advantages of online education, the Emeritus Global Impact Survey 2022 covers interviews with 3,916 learners across 15 countries to arrive at the insights. 

There are some events that change the course of history forever. The COVID-19 pandemic is one such unforgettable global phenomenon that touched almost every human life on the planet. Remote work, virtual healthcare, phygital buying environments, and online learning— such terms entered our lives to help us cope with the rapid changes during and in the aftermath of the pandemic. In fact, one of the biggest changes noted was in how people perceived their careers. According to a survey conducted on the global workforce by PwC, two in five believe their job will be obsolete within five years. But, the heartening part of this PwC survey is that 77% of the respondents are ready to learn new skills or re-train! This shows that people are ready to invest in themselves and grow while adapting to the changes around them. 

Emeritus also experienced a surge in learners and launched several programs that are geared toward developing future-ready skills. While we continue to make high-quality education accessible, it is equally important for us to measure the impact we are having on the lives and careers of our learners. The Emeritus Global Career Impact Survey is a step in that direction. 

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5 Insights From the Emeritus Survey to Help You Future-Proof Your Career

Working professionals and entrepreneurs today are navigating an ever-changing global economy. The sheer pace at which technology and market conditions are evolving makes it essential for individuals and organizations to learn quickly and on their feet. Insights from the Emeritus Global Career Impact Survey 2022 show us just how learning can be the best way to future-proof your career in a dynamic economic environment. Here is why:

1. 94% of Respondents See a Positive Impact on Their Career and Professional Development

emeritus-impact-survey-2022Source: Emeritus Global Career Impact Survey 2022

Positive impact can be many different things. Emeritus learners who participated in this survey defined ‘positive impact’ as seeing advancement in their current job, new career opportunities, and an overarching feeling of finding new meaning in their careers and lives. We caught up with one of them in person and here is what he had to say: 

“It (learning with Emeritus) can help me advance in my career, get a promotion or get better job offers from world-class, renowned corporations.”

 – Jemm Cellan, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Philippines who completed the MIT Sloan Executive Education | Applied Business Analytics

2. 90% of Learners See an Impact Within Their Organizations

benefits-of-online-educationSource: Emeritus Global Career Impact Survey 2022

It’s not just the individual who experiences the advantages of online education; the perceived impact on the organization they work for is also positive and tangible. While a majority of the learners, 61% to be precise, saw technical improvements in their organizations — including digital transformation, use of innovation, and use of technology — 43% saw an impact in team management. Moreover, 26% of learners saw customer experience, satisfaction, and retention improvements while 9% saw growth in revenue for their organization. Thus, we can say with conviction that Emeritus helps both organizations and individuals grow. 

3. 92% of Learners Have Seen Positive Impact Within 12 Months

Upskilling or reskilling is a huge investment in terms of time, effort, and resources. Hence, it is only natural that any learner would like to see tangible results like a new job or a promotion at the end of their learning journey. The numbers in this survey indicate that an astounding 92% of learners saw an impact on their career within a year of completing a course. 30% of the respondents saw an impact even before completing the program. For instance, Elise Johns McMurtry transitioned into a new role as Associate Brand Marketing Manager for Beverages at Newell while she was doing a Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing Program from Kellogg Executive Education. To fully understand the advantages of online education with Emeritus, you can read her full story here.

4. 65% of Learners Feel More Adept at Handling Current and Future Challenges

emeritus-impact-surveySource: Emeritus Global Career Impact Survey 2022

In terms of assessing their future readiness, this particular insight is the most relevant to potential learners. 65% of the respondents in this survey believe that learning with Emeritus provides them with the necessary skills and training they need to advance in their careers. Additionally, 61% say that the knowledge they gained in the process of learning has helped them future-proof their careers. Another 56% believe that they feel more prepared to thrive and stand apart from the clutter in the job market. In conclusion, Emeritus helps prepare professionals for the future.

5. 80% of Learners Strike an Easy Balance Across Work, Personal Life, and Studies

Upskilling or reskilling at any stage in your career requires commitment in terms of time, effort, and finances. At Emeritus, we cater to professionals who have a packed calendar at work and in their personal lives. So, it was greatly enriching to note that 80% of the respondents in this survey feel that the format of our programs allows a suitable balance of work, life, and study. This does not mean you can breeze through your learning journey. But, it does indicate that learning alongside professional and personal commitments is possible, in fact, it is highly recommended! Why?

It is because not only do Emeritus programs fit seamlessly into the busy lives of our learners, but 65% of the respondents also find these programs to be excellent value for money. We must also add to this the human cost of burnout and work-life imbalance. This is corroborated by 34% of the participants who have agreed that completing their program has helped them keep burnout for themselves and their teams at bay. Moreover, another 35% feel they have achieved better work-life balance post their learning journey with Emeritus. 

In summation, we quote Rishi Katdare, a leader in product management who works in the US, who participated in this survey after completing Kellogg Executive Education’s Product Strategy: Discovering, Developing, Managing, and Marketing Products as a Business.

“Take it. It’s a no brainer,” he says!

The advantages of online education are undeniable. To succeed in your professional life, learn new skills, transform into a new role, or switch careers, explore Emeritus courses.

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