Top 3 Tips to Increase a Robotics Engineer’s Salary

Top 3 Tips to Increase a Robotics Engineer’s Salary | Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning | Emeritus

In a world where technology has become so interconnected with how we do things, careers in the tech field have generated a lot of interest. Among the many options out there is robotics engineering, which has gained a fair amount of traction when it comes to assisting people in carrying out manual tasks more efficiently. A career in this field involves working with technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and automation to develop robotic systems and applications. A Zion Market Research study states that the industrial robotics market is expected to grow to $81.4 billion by 2028. 

As such, it isn’t hard to imagine that robotics has much potential as a lucrative career option. According to the Salary report, the robotics engineer salary range is between $87,298 and $128,296 on average, with $106,310 as the median amount. So, if you’re interested in exploring professional opportunities in robotics engineering, then this article is for you. Get to know the roles and responsibilities associated with the job and the salaries you can expect.   

Roles and Responsibilities of a Robotics Engineer

Robotics engineers are primarily responsible for the design, construction, and assembly of robots or robotic systems that can make routine human activities easier. Here is a list of some of the significant responsibilities that come with the job. 

  • Designing prototypes, creating frameworks, and testing the prototype to build robotic systems, such as autonomous mobile robots 
  • Conducting research on the most recent robotics technology, such as nanotechnology, to improve the effectiveness of different applications
  • Training robots by using data generated from sensors
  • Drafting comprehensive technical reports that describe the design process and provide cost projections for the construction of robotics systems

Robotics Engineer Salary According to Experience

Here is a breakdown of the details of a robotics engineer salary based on their level of experience.

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Top Companies for Robotics Engineers

According to the most recent salary estimates provided by Zippia, the robotics engineer salary is the highest in companies like Meta and Apple. 

Here is a list of top companies that hire robotics engineers.

Top Companies Average Annual Salary
Meta $145,705
Apple $144,338
Waymo $138,792
Google $134,935
Cruise Automation $132,978
Vicarious $125,281
Quidel $120,944
Hyperloop Transportation Technologies $120,632
Koch Industries $119,576
Magic Leap $117,726

Tips to Increase Robotics Engineer Salary

how-to-become-a-robotics-engineerAs a robotics engineer, your salary can be affected by a number of factors. These include the location of your company, the sector you work in, your educational qualifications, level of skill, and experience. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your salary, there are some steps you can take:

1. Expand the Scope of Your Knowledge and Skills

Robotics engineering is a field that combines electrical engineering and mechanical engineering with computer science. You might benefit from honing your foundational skills and knowledge to advance your career. For instance, enhancing your knowledge of the C programming language, which is one of the frequently utilized languages in robotics.

2. Amplify Your Resume

If you are interested in a career in robotics engineering, you must obtain professional certifications in this discipline, artificial intelligence, or machine learning to strengthen your resume. You can enroll in Emeritus online AI and ML courses related to robotics engineering to get a specialized professional credential that you can add to your resume.

3. Stay Updated

Keep up with the latest industry trends and technological advancements in the field of robotics. It’s a great way to exhibit your level of competence to the hiring manager of an organization. Read relevant articles or blogs, following industry leaders on social media, and track any updates in this space.

Keep Learning with Emeritus

The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) predicts that robots will only automate 10% of employment across the globe. To make the most of this opportunity, you must enhance your skills and experience in the field of robotics if you want to excel in your career. Sign up for Emeritus’ online artificial intelligence and machine learning courses to help you become well-versed in the subject. 

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