Are You Ready for These 5 Exciting Jobs of the Future: Find Out Today!

Are You Ready for These 5 Exciting Jobs of the Future: Find Out Today! | Career | Emeritus

Society and workspaces are in the midst of a massive technological transformation. And according to the World Economic Forum (WEF) Jobs of the Future 2020 Report, the two-year pandemic has only accelerated this. In 2014 only 33% of employees were worried that automation was putting their jobs at risk. But in 2022, this number has gone up to 37% and is steadily increasing. Moreover, by 2025, the time spent on tasks at work by humans and machines will be equal. Here, we’re discussing the top five jobs of the future, what the corporate world is moving toward, and how we can prepare better to stay relevant.

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1. VR/AR Architects

How can a person experience a space without actually being there? VR Metaverse

Architects around the world are trying to answer this question with the help of technology. From museums to wedding destinations, designers are creating a vast realm of interactive environments that can be accessed and experienced from the comfort of one’s home. With virtual becoming the new normal, architects are gearing up for the future.  

By 2030, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will help consumers enjoy a computer-generated world filled with endless possibilities. AR and VR architects will be able to give their clients the feel of buildings even before the construction process begins. Moreover, it will give them a canvas to be more creative, shorten the existing process, reduce back-and-forth, manage expenses, and make better pitches. With more and more architectural firms investing in such technologies globally, architects should consider picking up these skills today in order to stand apart and create more efficient designs in the future. 

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2. Neural Interface Designers

The human brain is considered one of the world’s fastest computers, not only due to its speed but also because of its approach to solving any problem. The best talents in the world are focusing on making neural computer interfaces, better known as Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI). It is a system that recognizes, understands, and transmits brain signals. Moreover, by 2030 such neural interface designers will be able to easily connect our minds with robots and artificial intelligence. 

In the past, BCI has been used for various control applications like cursors, paralyzed body parts, robotic arms, and phone dialing. However, companies like Meta, Neuralink, and BitBrain are leveraging BCI and looking at potential applications in the field of video games, VR, multimedia, education, and healthcare. There is going to be a huge demand by 2030 for talented neural interface designers who have a strong understanding of biotechnology, electronics, machine learning, and neuroscience. 

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3. Bioethics

Bioethics is one of the fastest-growing career paths mainly because it is the study of ethical, social, and legal issues in the medical world. Organizations, governments, universities, and research houses are focusing on healthcare ethics, quality healthcare, drug research, and human well-being, along with profitability. 

In the corporate world, bioethics professionals will help companies uphold the ideals of the people, planet, and profit also known as the triple bottom line. With more companies moving toward sustainability, the demand for such roles is also increasing. 

Aspiring bioethics professionals must start upskilling now to stay relevant in 2030. Though it is a small sub-field of biology, it is booming thanks to technological advancement. A wide range of medical issues like surrogacy, cloning, abortion, artificial insemination, stem cell research, drugs for rare diseases, and geriatric care, fall under the purview of

8 Bioethics Jobs of the Future:

  1. Bioethics Manager
  2. Public Policy Advisor
  3. Community Awareness Specialist
  4. Researcher
  5. Compliance Consultant
  6. Investigator
  7. Clinical Ethicist
  8. Patient Rights Coordinator 

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4. Environment, Resource, or Sustainability Manager

From tax credits and incentives to improved efficiency, healthier workplaces, and cost savings, going green is proving beneficial to organizations across industries. However, according to a McKinsey report, getting to net zero by 2050 will require rapid and large-scale technology deployment, especially in the current decade.

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The role of an environment, resource, or sustainability manager will be to help companies smoothly transition and go green without impacting profitability, planet, employee well-being, or the company’s larger vision. This tectonic shift in companies is creating massive job opportunities for those interested in sustainability and environmental science. 

Purpose-driven professionals with the right set of skills and knowledge will be hired to help companies and governments solve the world’s biggest eco challenges. 

To be one such leader, individuals must start upskilling and reskilling right away so they can help firms transform into catalysts for system-level change in the future. 

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5. Trend Watcher

Keeping up with current trends is a part of most roles. However, with the market moving at such an unprecedented pace, this is going to be a career in demand by 2030. A trend watcher or forecaster will be responsible for spotting new trends, and predicting how they will share a certain industry. They will also have to analyze consumer data and provide recommendations based on those insights. Companies will look at hiring such trend watchers to stay ahead of their competitors and launch out-of-the-box products and services. 

This is a creative yet analytical role. While the individual has to rely on data analytics, visualization, and statistics, they will also have to synthesize those findings into actionable insights and creative reports.

6 Skills Needed to Become a Trend Watcher:

  1. Media Savviness 
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Creativity
  4. Communication
  5. Digital Marketing
  6. Social Media

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Jobs of the Future: Skills in Demand

According to WEF, it is estimated that by 2025, 85 million jobs will become obsolete and irrelevant. Moreover, 97 million new roles may emerge that are more adapted to the new division of labor between humans, machines, and algorithms.

To remain relevant and competitive, professionals will need to acquire new skills continually. Do you know that the shelf life of skills is only five years? This means that in order to future-proof yourself, you must be flexible and commit to lifelong learning. 

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