Dr. Avin Thaliath

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Director of Academics at Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts, India
Dr. Avin is a pastry chef and baker with a rich background in the hospitality industry, having worked with renowned establishments like Le Granier A Pain and Mamamia in Paris, as well as the Taj and Orchid hotels in India. He's made significant contributions to industry publications and presented award-winning papers at various summits. His book, "A Baker's Journey: Science in the Art of Baking," marks a highlight in his writing career. Since 2016, he's been affiliated with WorldSkills Org and has taught baking at Christ University in Bengaluru. The Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts is his ambitious project, where he combines his roles as a chef, coach, and entrepreneur. Beyond his culinary expertise, Chef Avin also has a passion for percussion and the arts.