Top 5 AI Podcasts to Listen to for Staying Ahead of the Curve

Top 5 AI Podcasts to Listen to for Staying Ahead of the Curve | Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning | Emeritus

According to Buzzsprout, 90 million Americans are weekly podcast listeners. This stat underscores how podcasting as an industry has boomed in recent years. Furthermore, as we look closer, this medium of marketing has proven to be influential and is liked by consumers. With recent advancements in technology, AI has grown exponentially. In fact, its swift progress has been so remarkable that it has left many feeling overwhelmed, anxious, but excited as well. The interest in this field has also led to an AI podcast boom. This, for AI enthusiasts and serious professionals, signifies an invaluable resource. Let us, therefore, explore some of the best AI podcasts out there and navigate this field of AI and Machine Learning.

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1. “Radiotopia Presents: Bot Love”

At the beginning of this list of the best AI podcasts, we have “Bot Love”. It lies right at the intersection of technology and human connection. This is a thought-provoking miniseries about the coexistence of humans and machines. This series was launched at a crucial moment when Bing’s AI chatbot declared its love for a New York Times reporter. Furthermore, the podcast also deals with the theme of emotional intimacy in machines and whether or not they can form emotional bonds. Hosted by Anna Oakes and Diego Senior, each episode takes you on a journey of a different individual’s relationship with AI companions, combining interviews and recordings of their interactions. Moreover, Bot Love also sheds light on using AI as a mental health tool and its potential positive and negative impacts. 

  • Starter episode: “Bot Love 5 — Maybe I’ve Got a Problem”

Fun Fact

Twitter was born from a podcasting platform failure! Odeo, a podcasting company founded in 2003, needed help to make it work. But the cofounders, Evan Williams and Biz Stone had an excellent idea for a side project: a microblogging platform called Twitter. So, while podcasts became a booming business, the original platform pivoted and created a social media giant!

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2. “In Machines We Trust”

Another one on the list of best AI podcasts is “In Machines We Trust”; the podcast is produced by MIT Technology Review and hosted by Jennifer Strong. This podcast deals with AI’s impact on our modern day-to-day life. In fact, it initially began in 2020, with its prime focus being on facial recognition software, but now has explored branches in consumer finance, gun control, medical diagnosis, and more. Moreover, The oral history project, “I Was There When”, provides a historical perspective, narrating turning points in AI development. Ultimately, this podcast offers a holistic view of the industry, addressing both specific use cases and overarching ethical considerations. 

  • Starter episode: “When A.I. Hears a Problem”

Fun Fact

Sweden is the podcast champion! Per capita, Swedes listen to more podcasts than any other nation.

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3. “The Bot Canon”

This podcast on AI takes a playful yet insightful approach to AI’s impact on the creative industry. “The Bot Canon”, hosted by Hannah Keefer, is a mirror of truth for the creative space, showing how AI can automate tasks and also manage to be creative. One such example would be ChatGPT. Its ability to generate content can be incredible as well as haunting. Moreover, this podcast deals with ChatGPT’s ability to create content itself. Furthermore, it delves into its intricacies by asking the AI to co-write novels and understand how that would turn out. Moreover, each episode begins with genuine opening lines of literary classics before taking a surprising turn into AI-generated automation. Therefore, from reasonable limitations to surreal chaos, this podcast offers a lighthearted yet open exploration of AI’s creative abilities, making it one of the best AI podcasts, if not the best.

  • Starter episode: “The Hobbit (J.R.R. Tolkien)”

Fun Fact

In the early days of podcasting, Ricky Gervais hosted “The Ricky Gervais Show”, helping popularize the medium and attracting other big names like Stephen Fry.

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4. “Tech Won’t Save Us”

“Tech Won’t Save Us” can be listed as one of the best AI podcasts for beginners since it is not exclusively centered on AI. Furthermore, it provides a critical perspective on the much broader tech industry, with its recent episodes exploring the dominance of AI. Hosted by tech writer Paris Marx, each episode features guest experts. Additionally, the podcast is skeptical about Silicon Valley’s focus on efficiency. It questions how this affects human well-being. Further, it critiques the disruption caused by this pursuit. The podcast analyzes all such issues in depth. It also discusses solutions for AI-related job market changes. Therefore, it’s safe to say that this podcast acts as an umbrella for tech and is one of the best AI podcasts for beginners

  • Starter episode: “Chatbots Won’t Take Many Jobs”

Fun Fact

The term “podcast” actually emerged from a brainstorming session with a deadline looming. Journalist Ben Hammersley was writing about the trend of downloadable audio programs and needed a catchy name. Therefore, he tossed around “audio blogging”, “podcasting”, and “guerilla media”, but ultimately, ‘“podcast’” won the race.

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5. “Sandra“”

This one is arguably on the niche side of AI podcasts but is also one of the best podcasts on AI. “Sandra” is a captivating cyber thriller exploring human and AI boundaries. Produced by Gimlet Media, “Sandra” is their second audio drama after their success of Homecoming. On top of that, this audio drama features a star-studded cast, including Kristen Wiig and Alia Shawkat. In brief, the whole narrative revolves around Sandra, an Alexa-esque virtual assistant powered by a team of call center operators. The story throughout the podcast unfolds in such a way that it starts to blur the lines between human and AI intelligence. The captivating storytelling of this podcast places it among the best AI podcasts

  • Starter episode: “Hope is a Mistake”

Fun Fact

Podcasts aren’t just entertainment; they are big business! In 2023, the global podcast market was estimated to be worth over $2 billion, and it is projected to keep growing. So, that niche podcast you love might just be a future financial success story.

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In these AI podcasts, diverse voices from industry experts fuel the inspiration to learn about digital marketing strategies. Whether diving into metaverses’ intricacies or dissecting the elements of ethical AI, each podcast offers a unique blend and style for end consumers. Therefore, for a structured understanding of AI, explore Emeritus artificial intelligence courses and machine learning courses from the world’s best universities and elevate your skills in digital marketing. So enroll now for a harmonious blend of theory and practical expertise.

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